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10 best Prime Day deals you can still get today

by:Grade     2020-04-06
Well, the bottom bidder, Huang Jinri 2018 officially ended.
Since so many problems with Amazon\'s website on Monday, people\'s ideas have begun to get a little difficult, but once the problem is solved, it will be smooth for the rest of the time.
There is no doubt that, in our view, Prime Day 2018 is by far Amazon\'s best Prime Day event, not just because there are a lot of deals.
The quality of the deal this year is excellent, and some of the lowest prices we see on more popular items are out of our reach.
On Monday and Tuesday we did our best to highlight the essence of the golden day crop and we got a lot of feedback so it looks like we did a very good job.
But our work is not finished yet!
Prime Day 2018 may officially end last night at midnight Pacific time, but there are still a lot of Prime Day deals on Amazon.
The good news is that we dug up all the best gold Day deals that are still available at the moment and listed the top 10 best dealssellers below.
The bad news is that there is absolutely no way to know when these deals will end, so you will definitely get involved in the action as soon as possible.
Highlights of the review include an Anker wireless charging board for only $9.
99, this is a wireless camera that lets your smartphone see where other phones can\'t see at the lowest price ever, and the Philips Hue light strip Plus costs $64.
99, our favorite pair of Bluetooth earbuds for $23.
99, coupon code is VRHRMRDY, only $47.
99. the coupon code is UQYBGZJJ, which costs $37. it is a popular air fryer.
The price of Dyson\'s vertical vacuum cleaner is $49, and more.
Check the remaining 10 rhubarb Gold Day deals below.
Keep in mind that any of these sales may end in 5 minutes or 5 hours from now --
There\'s really nothing to say so you can grab them.
IPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X, Galaxy Note 5, S7/S7 Edge /. . . The Anker wireless charging pad Anker wireless charger charging board: $9.
99 VAVA 1,000 W County precision CookerVAVA suvedi precision induction cooker BPA-free
Free hot dip circulator with accurate temperature. . . : $47. 99 (
Using code UQYBGZJJ)
Dash compact Air Fryer 1.
2 liter electric air fryer oven cooker with temperature control, not sticky. . . : $37.
49 vava moov 25 magnetic Bluetooth headset vava moov 25 Bluetooth headset, magnetic wireless headset sports Bluetooth headset, apt. . . : $23. 99 (
Using code VRHRMRDY)
Philips tone white and color atmosphere light strip plus dimmable LED intelligent light strip?
And. . . Compatible: $64.
99 Philips color Go white and color portable dimmable LED Smart Light Table Light (
With Am. . . Compatible: $62.
99 Depstech wireless endoscope, WiFi endoscopy camera 2.
Snake camera in HD: $28.
79 dash quick egg pot: 6 egg capacity electric egg pot for boiled eggs and boiled eggs, S. . . : $19.
99 high performance Chromecast for Samsung XE500C13, Intel dual
Core saiyang N3060 up to 2. 48…: $229.
96 Dyson Ball multi-layer vertical vacuum, yellow: $249.
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