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12 Minimalist Lighting Ideas That Will Make Your Space Shine

by:Grade     2020-03-23
From our favorite Sunday brunch spot to the Pinterest board, we can see industrial lighting everywhere, which greatly inspires the way we illuminate our home. Lucky for us (and you)
Minimalist lighting is going on and there are countless structural designs on the Web that are enough to fit into your living space.
With this trend becoming a functional fixture and a sculpture, interior design has some effortless charm.
From sconces to brass details and even outdoor accessories for sanding the entrance --
We have collected 12 minimalist lighting that will give you a serious light bulb moment when it comes to your sacred space.
When looking for a lamp to complete the atmosphere of your home, we encourage you to think outside of the usual overhead fixtures and choose a variety of heights and sizes.
With these lightweight options, you can create a mood without heavy fixtures that are overbearing in the room and can even strategically place some, while
Read on and find our first choice and how we will design them.
Ikea Jacobsen pen dant lampshade ($25)
The jackbusson chandelier in the pool bag is an environmental statement light fixture that seamlessly fits into your home.
Its amber tone warms the surroundings and is a perfect addition to the dining space or living room.
Ikea RANARP floor lamp with LED bulb ($50)
The RANARP floor lamp adds a Scandinavian retro feel to your favorite reading chair.
Its lightweight building allows it to fit into a corner or corner while the whole room is gathering light.
The adjustable head makes it ideal for transition spaces that can be quickly transformed.
Crane brass table lamp ($99)
The mix of brass and marble adds an elegant element to this table light.
We love that it has the influence of sculpture, and it can easily sit on your bedside table, on your desk, even in your living room, as well as other contemporary works of art.
Article Flashcube ($99)
When it comes to the smallest, this cube-
For those who tend to industrialize, setting the lights is ideal.
The Flashcube in the article may seem like an expensive investment, but at $99 we will design it in the living room or bedroom with two mirror images of each other.
Lambert & Fils polka dot charm ($435)
With its simple influence, this modern charm makes us awe-inspiring.
If your home is deliberately bare, this is the last point to illuminate the open floor plan and show your eye for style.
LED chandelier (West Elm lamp pole)$599)
The light bar LED chandelier at West Elm allows us to reconsider all the things we thought about gorgeous lighting.
When standing under Calder mobile, the device has a similar effect, a more artistic installation of wires.
If your home is an art center, stop looking at it.
West Elm glass cakeSmall ($79)
We envision this versatile snack on both sides of your bathroom mirror that truly lights up a busy morning.
The polished brass finish makes it classic, but currently.
For $79, two must be better than one.
World market matte black and brass 3 Shade illuminated floor lamp ($119)
Matte Black is instantly stylish in terms of interior elements-
It really works when it works.
We love this product that blends metal between brushed brass and pure black detail. A mid-
If you mix vintage with modern, this is a great choice.
Restore hardware 20 C.
Clear glass barn pendant (factory filament)$111)
This glass barn pendant from the repair hardware recreates the 19 th century fixture, instantly adding a rustic touch.
Hang it on your table and take the guest to another time and place immediately.
Lucite canopy allows it to become a visual focus without taking up too much weight in the room.
Ceci CB2 Thomson Warner table lamp ($135)
The CB2 referred to this article by Ceci Thompson as \"the glory of minimalism\" and we agree very much.
Brushed bronze makes it an instant classic, while the shape appears on the statue of the side table or credenza.
Mermelada e studio flat matte black wall Sconce ($47)
Good lighting is not just for the Interior
This is the practice of feng shui among followers that are very particular about the appearance of lighting your front door.
After all, this is the first thing to welcome visitors to your home.
This stunning matte black wall sconce adds a sophisticated reception at your doorstep.
White ceramic table lamp CB2 Largo spots ($149)
We don\'t even realize how much we need white terra.
In our life, until the lamp of Largo.
In the minimalist parameters (
Simple structure, clean)
This textured product adds visual color to any surface.
Ikea Butterfly paper lampshade ($5)
If you like lunch
Nice back, classic round paper pendant don\'t walk over.
This lampshade is stylish and low-key, cool and effortless.
It made a statement without arrogance.
That\'s probably why all cool girls have lost it because of this style.
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