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1873 chandelier in white house is capitol asset, senate insists

by:Grade     2020-08-02
Marjorie huntermay 1977 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
To keep these articles as they appear initially, the Times will not change, edit, or update them.
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Washington, May 29
President Grant bought it and President Theodore Roosevelt threw it away.
Congress bought it.
Borrowed by Jackie Kennedy.
Now the Senate wants it back.
These include conflicts between Congress and the White House.
The relationship between Congress and the White House is a beautiful crystal chandelier. in 1873, President Grant purchased three identical chandeliers hanging in the East Room of the White House.
In 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt expelled all three chandeliers from the White House, as these clinged crystals kept him awake.
He reportedly ordered them to be sent to the Capitol to keep the vice president awake.
In fact, there was no vice president at the time, because Mr.
Before taking over President McKinley, who was assassinated, Roosevelt himself held the post.
However, the Capitol did purchase three chandeliers and install them.
Both are still there --
One in the vice president\'s ceremonial office, right on the floor of the Senate, and the other in the room of the Senate Appropriations Committee.
Advertising is the third.
Flowing chandelier
Relations between the Senate and the Carter White House are now in crisis.
A few years after the purchase of the Capitol, the chandelier was hung in a large, high-ceiling room, and Lyndon Baines Johnson served as Senate majority leader and later as vice president.
At some point he moved the chandelier to the hallway.
The ceiling spotlight was installed in his position.
1962 as part of the renovation work of the White House
Kennedy asked for a chandelier.
The Senate agreed but insisted it was just a loan.
The chandelier is placed where it is called the Treaty Room --
A room on the second floor of the White House is not open to visitors.
Where all treaties and conventions between 1864 and 1902 were signed;
After renovation, President Kennedy signed a limited nuclear-test-ban treaty less than a month before his death in November 1963.
Senator Robert C.
Bird of West Virginia, the Senate majority leader, decided to use the normally vacant Lyndon B.
Johnson Room of the Senate Democratic Policy Committee and all committee chair meetings.
The members of the policy committee decided that a chandelier was really needed for this room
Not the ugly spotlight.
Johnson has installed it.
The committee therefore directed Senator bird to ask the White House to return the borrowed chandelier to its former site.
Senator Bird received a response from Rosalyn Carter this week.
She asked, would you please ask the Senate to extend the loan for a while?
The policy committee has not responded yet. While Mrs.
Senator Carter and Senator bird appear to be the main figures in the elegant row over the chandelier, which is actually a conflict between the Capitol architect\'s office and the White House curator. Mario E.
Campioli, an assistant architect at the Capitol, had suggested not to lend to the White House in 1962.
\"It\'s too big for the room below,\" he said this week.
\"I told them at the time, but they insisted. ”Mrs.
He complained that Kennedy cut the 11 feet chandelier by three and a half to fit the room and install a larger glass hue.
\"I am disgusted with this ,\"Campioli said.
\"Just a bad recovery.
Clement E retorted: \"This is not the case.
White House curator Kang GE.
\"The chandelier is an integral part of the Treaty Room,\" he added . \".
\"Taking it out will ruin the room.
\"This is not to say that the Capitol or the White House are missing chandeliers.
The White House has 45, most of them priceless 18 th and early 19 th century fixtures.
There are about 215 \"hanging devices\" in the Capitol, many of which are very simple and others are very complicated.
At the beginning of this century, a large number of Capitol chandeliers were purchased after the Capitol was wired to power about 1900.
The Capitol architect\'s office often makes it difficult to find certain chandeliers in stock.
The late representative, Hale Boggs, a Democrat in the state of Luis Anna, moved from office to office when he was promoted from House Majority Whip to majority leader.
Others also moved the chandelier from the office to the office.
\"We just can\'t track them,\" said an employee at the architect\'s office . \".
The favorite advertisement for Capitol visitors hangs next to the circular hall.
The chandelier, made of hand-made crystals in the Czech Republic, was imported from Paris many years ago and hung in a theater in Baltimore, eventually becoming a house for a burlesque.
Later, it was acquired by the Methodist church near the Capitol and finally by the Capitol.
The Senate maintains that a version of the file will be printed on page 17 of the New York edition on May 30, 1977, with the title: the 1873 chandelier of the White House is a congressional asset.
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