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5 Decorating Tips to Add Color Into Your Home

by:Grade     2020-04-21
Add a color mirror.
I will share with you some real decoration suggestions that have been tried
Invest in high ticket classic furniture and have fun with colorful home accessories.
Classic works will never be out of date, replacing the lower ticket decoration allows you to introduce the latest color trends into your home with minimal investment.
This should also help eliminate some feeling of guilt when you want to update the next big thing.
Here are 5 decorative tips to add the latest colors to your home.
Tip 1: Using color mirrors, most of us think of mirrors, and we immediately think of traditional metal or wooden frames.
But there are colors today.
Here\'s a designer tip: putting a mirror across the window allows natural light to reflect in the room.
Tip 2: We all need a surface to place our food and drinks.
So make it fun, colorful and enjoyable.
For more design interest, choose a stress sheet with open freedom, or choose simple and stylish lines for a modern look.
Updated color desk lamps and shades.
Tip 3: light it up with a lamp holder and a lampshade. Color desk lamps and lampshades are one of my favorite ways to introduce color to any space.
I even made a seasonal lampshade rotation.
I updated my living room shades and moved them to the bedroom.
Then move the lampshade of the bedroom to the guest room and donate the lampshade of the guest room to the charity.
I call it a five-minute makeover.
Wall art and carpets are quick and easy ways to add popular colors.
Tip #4: Don\'t underestimate wall art, it\'s easy to add color persistent organic contaminants to amazing wall art.
From the colorful contemporary abstraction to the traditional watercolor landscape wall art, there are colorful color opportunities.
Tip 5: adding colors and patterns under the carpet is a great place to add some unpredictable colors.
The area carpet has so many patterns and colors to choose from that it is an easy way to add colors to your home.
These 5 decorative tips should help you start adding colors at home.
Which one will you try?
Do you have your own suggestions for decoration?
Leave a comment and let me know.
Until next time check out our video about color custom fixtures and mirrors.
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