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6 morbid facts about people dying in hotel rooms

by:Grade     2020-01-04
We will all die at some point;
The main problem is.
Will we die quietly at home, in the hospital, or in the gutter trampled by the cattle gazelle?
Well, according to statistics, there will be a shocking number of people in a hotel or motel room.
We talked to a few people who had seen the bodies of the hotel. -
Dale Cillian, crime scene cleanup expert from BIOPRO and front desk manager Daniel Stransky--
To find out the possibility of someone being beheaded in the next hotel bed we climbed in. They said . . .
The hotel is a magnet for suicide and \'unnatural death. We\'re not saying that the hotel is all about death --you-can-
We had a buffet but we didn\'t say that.
First of all, the hotel is the \"hot\" suicide destination we are guessing. Dale Cillian (
Who cleared these after thousands of suicides
Believe that the hotel offers some \"advantages\" than to die in your home \".
\"Sometimes people commit suicide at a hotel because they are worried that no one will find the body.
Other times, suicide victims just don\'t want to be rude and don\'t want to mess up their house.
\"Of course, the hotel also received a lot of divorced guests.
They seem to be characterized by a mix of happy people on vacation and miserable people who wish to be at home.
All in all, suicide researchers believe hotels and motels are \"--
According to a study in Kim County, Washington, people have ended their lives.
It\'s just suicide.
Points out that a variety of imaginable unnatural deaths occur in hotels and motels are more frequent than elsewhere.
People leave their home and support system, either out of town or both.
The proportion of people who smoke, take drugs and/or have a mental breakdown is higher.
As Cillian once witnessed, guests can be killed by everything from gun murder to even, \"a person with a throat cancer who broke his throat while he was at the hotel, he bled on the floor
\"If there\'s nothing else, we\'re pretty sure these places are haunted right now.
5 That\'s why unless you work in a winter class overlooking the hotel, the hotel staff will always stumble over the hospital and we will not assume that the staffing at the front desk includes being constantly plagued by death and terrible cuts
But more in a moment).
But if you ask Daniel Stranski, you\'re wrong.
\"I asked the staff to find the body in the room they were about to clean, and I personally worked on multiple jumps.
We even had a woman falling out of the laundry chute.
\"Like death to death, you know, it\'s very scary for employees.
\"I \'ve just recently helped a woman check in and she wants to have a room on the highest possible floor and in front of the building,\" Stransky said, and you can already guess what\'s going on with this
\"I assigned her something on the way, but when I was resting, she came back and turned to a few layers not far from the top floor.
All of a sudden, I heard a loud noise, like a car hitting a wall, feeling the area around me shaking.
Warning: The story will only get worse from here.
\"I saw one of my maintenance staff in the lobby and could hardly stand up.
His radio turned on and I didn\'t hear anything but yelling. The next 10-
Circus in 15 minutes. -
Guests in the lobby were packed with doors, cell phones rang, security guards trying to control the crowd, managers trying to clean up guests from the lobby, and police showed up.
When my boss went up [to her room]
With security guards and police, she opened a suitcase full of documents and things.
\"He went on to describe the consequences of a body hitting the sidewalk from 25 floors, but we will give you some details (
We can only say that the car parked nearby must be cleaned carefully. .
\"When I got home, I lay in bed and stared at the ceiling.
I don\'t know how to deal with what I see and it took me a while to overcome it completely.
Nothing can prepare you for such a thing.
\"Yes, this is not the kind of thing that a person imagined learning in class 101 of the hotel.
Obviously the hotel doesn\'t want you to know about these things and the hotel knows that death is bad for business. (
Stranksy and other staff members were given strict \"don\'t talk to the media\" instructions after their jumper posted a message. )
The main goal is to clean up the room as soon as possible and prepare for the guests.
\"I usually find a room out --
The market is about a week or so, and then it\'s a fair game.
\"Cillian had a similar experience during the cleaning process:\" Everything needs to be cautious.
If I want high-
I already know I can\'t wear a shirt with the company logo on it.
I have to put everything in the black bag and put it in the red bag [in ]
In the truck, make sure the stuff I bring is not marked.
Sometimes we go in through the elevator or something in the back.
Not all the guests were shocked by the truth.
What happened when a woman fell off the laundry chute?
According to Stranksy, \"there is a lot of controversy about whether she fell or was fallen. . .
About a year later, we had a group of girls at the bachelor party with us.
They walked up to the table and waited for Uber, and a girl came up to me and randomly asked me, \"Can I move to the room where that woman was murdered ? \"?
She did one thing about what she had read and how she thought her boyfriend had murdered her.
\"This is not uncommon.
A few years ago, the Beverly Hilton Hotel, because it was the room where Whitney Houston died, people from all over the world asked to sleep in the same bed where she died.
Now, you might want to know if they actually keep the mattress, but it really depends. . .
You may think that 3 cheaper hotels are not very suitable for cleaning, and a better hotel will clean up the bodies and their associated liquids better than the s y motel.
You may not be aware of how those beautiful hotels pay for cleaning up.
Cillian said it was a charge charged directly to the deceased.
\"The hotel will use your credit card, so most of the time I was told they would take back the credit card fee.
They are not too worried about the cost because they have an open card and they will charge them for it.
\"It seems to be a very bad thing. . .
Until you realize what it means to actually clean the card. \"High-
The end hotel usually tries to replace anything that even has a few blood spots on it, but you really need to be carefulend hotels.
I know a carpet cleaning company who has been getting calls from cheap motels and the owner wants them to come in and try to remove blood from the carpet using carpet cleaning equipment ---
It\'s almost impossible. -
Instead of replacing it.
\"Well, that\'s just a carpet.
They won\'t leave a bloody bed. . .
\"What\'s worse is that sometimes someone gets shot or stabbed in the bed and the mattress gets soaked with blood, but they are hired to try to take blood from the mattress itself.
If it doesn\'t work, they cover the stain with a mattress and call it a day.
\"2 there are several ways to tell if someone is dead in your room, if you don\'t know if they are actually murdered in the room, know all the statistics about people who died in the hotel
If you are curious about such a thing, we ask Cillian what to look.
\"Look for carpet that doesn\'t match, or anywhere the carpet seems to be replaced.
The same goes for wallpaper and blinds. . .
Sometimes you are lucky that things are replaced because of feces. . .
But it\'s usually because someone is bleeding on it.
\"Others include looking for strange numbers of flies in lamps or never leaving your own comfortable home.
Still, if you spot signs of cleanup, it\'s not easy for even professionals to spot what\'s going on.
Once in a room in Las Vegas, Cillian noticed that the carpet had been replaced.
\"I didn\'t think of it until I looked up and saw a huge blood stain on the ceiling.
It has been cleaned up but you can see the pattern on the wallpaper and the blood is running out.
Someone must have sat on the bed, put the gun under his chin and shot the blood straight.
\"This is a person who lives by cleaning up his blood, so he can probably go to the front desk and ask for a room change and give them his card if they need better Gore
Clean for the future.
But: \"The hotel said they had no record of anything happening.
I brought a bunch of photos to the police and they claimed they had no records either.
Heck, I even talked to cold case, again, there is no record of anything happening in this room.
\"The best thing the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police can come up with is that it\'s not the person who was murdered, it\'s a can of ravioli or something.
\"They told me that someone might have thrown some food there as if I hadn\'t seen 10,000 such crime scenes in my career before. . .
I bet someone died in that room, everything I had. . .
\"It\'s actually hard to come up with an explanation that is at least not super weird.
Maybe they shot themselves but survived and then checked out as usual?
Maybe they shot an animal?
As a bachelor party prank, fill a super tub with pig blood?
Chopped dropped their penis and took blood while screaming?
Sometimes a man will get up and cut off his money. The good news is that not all the people living in the hotel are dead.
Sometimes, because the devil told them that they actually just cut down their dick.
According to Cillian (and )
Someone cut off his penis. -
Whether it\'s in a hotel or somewhere else-
Not as rare as you think.
\"A big hotel called a guy and he told the front desk Satan to ask him to cut off his penis.
In the end, they sent someone up. you know, he did.
But he did it perfectly. -
I was different from someone who tried to cut his penis off with a car key.
At least this guy used a fairly sharp blade, but it\'s still like someone was filled with a water spray gun full of blood and shooting throughout the room ---
Walls everywhere.
They can\'t do it anymore.
Attach it, it\'s weird because he cut it very well and he did not get his re-cut as the key guy didattached.
Of course, with the involvement of Satan, Gillian realized that they eventually needed a priest.
\"Because many housekeepers are Catholics, they absolutely refuse to go to the side of the hotel ---
You know, because of Satan.
The news has come out, so I suggest that the management call the Catholic Church to have a priest come in and bless their room, or drive the demons, or invite the housekeeper.
That\'s what they did, and everyone was happy with it.
I also had to call the priest several times.
Always do tricks.
So maybe no one died in your room.
They just sprayed chicken blood on every conceivable surface.
But it doesn\'t matter, there may also be the blessing of the priest.
Plan your next holiday accordingly!
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