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a colorful living room decorating idea: one room, three ways

by:Grade     2020-05-01
Want to change the look of your space on a budget?
This is a simple and colorful concept of living room decoration. -
Keep your base parts neutral and customize your lighting and decor according to the season.
These three living rooms begin with the same basic elements--
A neutral traditional sofa, an iron-glass coffee table and a beige wall.
With colorful artwork and accessories added, each piece becomes a colorful space that gives a unique feel.
Below take a closer look at how using colors brings three very different looks to the room: warm up for autumn in red: warm tones instantly associate images of autumn
Think of crisp leaves, pumpkins and ruddy cheeks.
The striking red desk lamp creates a focal point on the otherwise unnoticed coffee table, while the patterned red and white carpets add to the interest on the floor.
Please note that many red decorated accents also come with white color to visually reduce their weight and prevent them from overwhelming the neutral living room.
Cool winter with blue: cool water, dazzling blue and navy tones are a complicated way to transition to winter-
Festive decorations with silver or gold look beautiful.
The area carpet with blue pattern fixes the appearance and provides blue lighting and accessories in the space.
Purple in spring: Purple (
Hint with contrasting yellow as accent)
The decoration of spring is a fresh concept.
Although not for the faint heart, it will be very livable when introduced in pastel shades like lavender and lavender.
As the weather warms again, look for colorful home decorations to brighten your living room.
To learn more about the concept of living room decoration and make your space look new, check out these two videos of side table trends and decorative coffee tables.
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