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a guide to crystal chandeliers

by:Grade     2020-08-09
Buying crystal chandeliers is similar to buying diamonds.
Not all crystals are equal.
Crystal could be a machine.
Hand cut or molded.
Depending on the quality of the Crystal you choose, the cost of the chandelier can fluctuate a lot.
Most fixtures have four quality crystals.
Different lights-
Crystorama Lighting Group and James R.
Moder is the two largest manufacturers of crystal chandeliers.
Stras Crystal: Stras crystal is considered the best in the world.
Strass is manufactured by Swarovski AG in the Austrian Alps.
Strass is an optical pure crystal that is as clear as a spring water, completely flawless and unique in purity and brightness.
Strass crystal features a razor
Sharp cutting of the surface (surfaces)
More than 30% lead content.
Cutting and polishing through the machine for perfect optical clarity.
Strass crystals are treated with invisible coating, which eliminates the attraction of dust and makes it easier to clean and maintain. Each crystal (over 12mm)
Unique Style®Laser engraving signature, recognized as true STRASS®Crystal.
Swarovski Spectra Crystal: the passion for perfection makes Swarovski the world leader in the production of cutting crystals. Swarovski & Co.
The manufacturer of Strass Crystal has created a new alternative quality Crystal.
Swarovski uses the advanced technology of olde world knowledge to produce a brilliant crystal with precision cutting and excellent light reflection.
Designed for quality crystal connoisseurs, this crystal watch is affordable.
Imperial Crystal (
Only available through James R. Moder)
: The Royal Crystal decorative chandelier contains brilliant crystals made from precision cutting from Austria, Egypt, Turkey and the Czech Republic.
Imperial crystal is a combination of premium crystals to achieve a superior look at an excellent price. Regal Crystal (James R Moder)
Polished crystal/Majestic wood (Crystorama)
: This Crystal was cut by hand in two stages on iron and sandstone wheels.
Then, polish each crystal on the wooden wheel with marble dust.
These methods can be traced back centuries ago.
If you look closely, you will find a faint trace of the wood.
Wheel certification, centralized labor of craftsmen.
This is a sign of authenticity.
Each piece is a unique original masterpiece.
Italian Crystal: Italian crystal, also known as Venetian crystal (from the glass-
Venice and surrounding areas)
Not molded.
You will notice that the edges from the fire Polish are rounded up.
Although it has never been as brilliant as cutting the crystal, the molded crystal has a subtle charm and is an extraordinary value.
For the ornate chandeliers, this is an ideal budget crystal.
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