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A new accent: discount lamp supplier moves toward middle market.

by:Grade     2020-04-28
NEWTON, Mass. -
Accent lights and lampshades.
I decided to take a higher road.
Due to the volatility of the enterprise in the mass market, accent lights and lampshades
Size lamp importers and one of the four major manufacturers, are launching new product lines aimed at specialty stores, home improvement chains, office supermarkets and other retailers where company executives see better growth opportunities.
Large retailers, accounting for 22% and 0. 8 billion volumes of wholesale lights, reported in 1994 that significant changes have taken place, with includingseveral bankrupt over the past year.
In the main retail accounts of Lamp & Shade, there are bradlees, Caldor, Ames and Rickel Home center, all of which have appeared in hard times.
When Bradlees, Caldorand Rickel applied for bankruptcy protection, suppliers were hit hard.
In view of these setbacks, the accent is seeking to distribute its decoration and accent lights and shades in a higher wayend retailers.
\"Our focus is on trying to expand our customer base from discounted products to products that we want to be more profitable, such as linen stuff and other beds and bathrooms, mark Anderson, National Sales Manager.
President Haig Deranian added: \"We focus on professional chain, office product chain and home decoration chain.
We will not abandon our current customers, but we will observe them carefully.
\"While in the past the company has designed lamps and shadows specifically for the mass market, it is now adding fashion elements, new materials, finishes, sizes and premium shadow treatments to other retailers.
Meanwhile, the company has begun
Low emphasis
Its bottom line is in favor of the broader --
Discount margin fashion goods for customers.
Executives at Lamp & Shade believe the company\'s latest products will help attract high-end retail channels.
\"We will pursue them with products such as the big boudoir series, metal decorative lights, Southwest Style and other decorative pieces,\" Anderson said . \".
\"It\'s a little different.
Consumers need a reason to spend money.
Consumers are looking for better quality, more style.
\"Last year, the company launched 17-
Inch big boudoir fashion ceramic lamp collection when retailers put most of theifforts into 12-
Anderson explained that the price of the inch ceramic ball lamp, the discount store is still below $10.
The big boudoir model retails between $15 and $20.
Two glass finishes, two floral patterns and two matte-style big boudoir lamps create a midpoint --
Size and price-
Between the light and the full light
Size of desk lamp.
\"When there was nothing at $14, $16, $19, we took it out.
\"The price range is 99,\" he said.
\"The problem for retailers is that there is still a lot of business with ceramic ball lights.
But they don\'t sell any more, so sales are down and profit margins are down.
Here, in the big boudoir, we give the customer a reason to go back to $19. 99 and $16.
$99 a day, $14. 99 onad.
\"We want to show our traditional customers that there is a better way to go beyond the promotion,\" added Deranian . \".
\"The big boudoir experiment works for retailers who buy iton.
\"It did a very good job,\" Anderson reported . \".
\"First of all, we did encounter some resistance to higher prices,\" he admitted . \" He added that retailers found that in order to achieve the same sales volume they received from smaller lights, they did not need to sell as many products.
At least three large retailers who have tried the concept say they will expand it.
Others are testing it now.
Buyers at the regional discount chain reported: \"At the moment we only have a big boudoir with one accent and are doing very well . \".
\"Our price is $14. 99 on ad.
\"The appeal of this lamp, buyers say, is its size and price, both of which are more than ceramic balls but less than full-size lamps.
As a stylish accent product, he says, it fills a gap.
\"We will consider expanding it in our next floor plan revision, and now that is the case,\" the buyer added . \".
Now, Accent has developed what it calls the second generation: Several ceramic and metal decorative lights on the southwest theme with a hard background.
\"The metal has been strong for the last 18 months, but it\'s full --
\"The size of the metal,\" said Anderson.
\"The metal lamp head is definitely less than $20, probably $14 to $16, $1 more than ceramic.
\"This new accent lamp style was presented at the International Housewares Show in Chicago last week.
Including Southwest-
Stylish metal light in black and verdigris finish with hard back tone; twoglossy-
French blue and green purple tail lights, as well as the color of parchment paper;
There are also two matte styles with wrinkled tones.
\"Now we have 12 SKUs with 6 completely different looks,\" Anderson said . \".
\"I think consumers are tired of buying lowend product.
I think they are willing to pay a little for better products.
Retailers need to join in and find a nicheand saying, maybe we won\'t be the lowest price, but we will provide fashion and value.
\"If you do this, you will become a successful retailer,\" he commented . \".
Anderson saw the opportunity to sell these reception lights with linens, window fashion and other home decor items.
The company gives retailers the ability to sell products correctly, he said.
\"The bed and bath chain love this product because it\'s an impulsive product and they have the ability to sell it well,\" Anderson said . \".
\"The lamps and lanterns are fashion accessories and as accessories are much cheaper than curtains, quilts, bed covers, carpets and other items.
\"We want to diversify our customer base as much as possible, but we are trying to do so and we can make money for us and retailers,\" Anderson explains . \".
\"In terms of hue, we are looking for better box folds, better variable folds and new crystal folds.
We are not going to give up our existing customer base because it may be high-end for our customers.
\"Accent lights and lampshades also pay more attention to their lineof
Size decorative table lamp and its basic replacement lamp program, currently it provides these lamps to Caldor, Bradlees, Menard, Rickel, Lowe, etc.
\"We are doing some important business and this is where we want to develop because this is one of the business areas that are developing,\" Anderson said . \". In 30-
The company added 8 new SKUs including washed table lamps
Finished matte finish, parchment tones and soft lighting with raised floral patterns.
\"We are closing the real low --
The last part of our business is the expansion of the desk lamp business. Anderson said.
Deranian said that the changes being made by Accent Lamp & Shade in the short and long term will help the company.
\"My feeling is that the retail industry is going through a major adjustment and we are coming to an end,\" Deranianadd said . \".
\"In the end, we will have some strong retailers.
We won\'t have that much, but the people who survive will be stronger.
Fortunately, accent lights have survived recent problems and we are trying to make ourselves a stronger company.
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