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a perfect pair

by:Grade     2020-05-03
You may not think much about the bedside table problem.
For a long time, all I have is a dump of books, magazines, CDs, books, lists, vitamin bottles --and more books.
Needless to say, no matter how neat the rest of the rooms are, it makes my room look messy and messy.
The table itself, though rarely seen, is a 1970
A fashion table I bought at a second-hand store
While it looks great, it\'s not the smartest choice for those who treat their tables as bookshelves.
So I bought a new one with shelves and drawers.
And all the night reading lights.
Regardless of your bedroom personality, choosing the right combination of bedside tables and lights will help strengthen your bedroom theme. Classic?
Antiques in Harrogate Hall
It looks like the table, along with beautiful pink rattan lights, will bring some femininity to your room. Modern?
Go for bold simple lines, like a classic white cube that works with the Republic\'s outstanding metals and wooden headlights.
Or, if you prefer the girly charm, match a complex emergency light with a simple 1960 magazine table.
We also love the old and new collisions, like the little vintage wooden table under the Nest silver light, with a quirky floral bulb.
Some of the tables filmed here are actually for display in the lounge, but they work in any room.
Handmade acrylic Essey wedding table designed by John Brower is an unexpected option for bedside tables, and when working with bold silver lights, any room brings some modern futurism.
$580, small illusion side table in Essey.
00, from the Danish design company.
Silver Light, $129. 90 from scallions
Harrowset Hall offers 2 antique style bedside tables for $495.
Retro lights for Ruby & Sol, $45.
3 White Cube side tables in Allium for $535.
Silver and tripod lights from Republic, $519.
Ruby & Sol offers 4 vintage bedside tables for $40.
Wrought iron rose Light at Harrowset Hall for $189.
Get 5 white base tables from Style Direct for $255.
Verner Panton Basin light for $580.
00, from the Danish design company.
6 vintage wooden sideboard cabinets purchased from hospice stores.
Silver desk lamp, $29.
95, there\'s a flower ball, $9. 95, from Nest.
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