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a radiant journey in the sparkling and vibrant history - maria theresa crystal chandelier collection

by:Grade     2020-08-09
The stunning crystal chandelier is known throughout the world for the 17th century.
They have long represented evidence of wealth and status.
For the past few decades, crystal chandeliers have only been found in luxury hotels, elegant bungalows and trendy mansions.
The chandelier is very expensive due to its expensive production materials, and there are also many skilled workers involved.
Nowadays, most people can afford it because of the mass production of crystal chandeliers.
The word chandelier is beautiful in nature, completing an ancient mysterious journey in bohemian French.
The charming words are really directly translated from the 12th-century French word chandelier.
This French word, in turn, can be traced back to its Latin roots.
In warm and vibrant Latin, the word \"Candela\" means candles.
The World \"Candela\" represents the spiritual root word of an additional Latin word \"Chandra Bell\" from which the dazzling chandelier gets its origin and essence.
The chandelier is a proper name for the striking structure as it contains all the floats and surprises.
In every culture and belief, knowledge is the fundamental key to understanding the important value of a fine crystal and the accurate identification.
Crystal is an integral part of history and legends and a precious asset.
In Roman culture, people at the time believed that the fire and sparks in the crystal imitated the flame and charm of continuous worship.
Probably one of the most appreciated and popular
The chandelier that has always been a favorite is the Maria Theresa crystal chandelier collection.
These novel crystal chandeliers combine innovative technology with the oldest spiritual knowledge to produce glossy crystals with precise cutting and excellent light refraction.
In general, the design and production of crystals requires years of experience and professional craftsmanship.
The charming Maria Theresa crystal chandelier collection will become a biography of love and wealth, and proudly pass it on to future generations with a life and history lesson.
The Maria Theresa crystal chandelier collection is probably the most precious and memorable tradition in Europe.
Maria Theresa chandelier is named after her only brave woman who ruled the Austrian Empire in 650.
Historically, she was also the mother of Mary Antoinette.
The exquisite chandelier collection is made on glass-covered steel frames and is a nutritious chandelier.
There is nothing in the world that is delicate and elegant, just like the exquisite crystals that illuminate the charming nights in palaces and estates across Europe.
Exquisite and exclusive versions of the Maria Theresa collection are decorated with a selection of handmade
Cut and polished 24% lead crystal to capture and reflect the light of the candle bulb in a light-colored way.
This chandelier is timeless and elegant and charming, and will definitely give them a legendary atmosphere, simplicity and luxury feeling in any room they place.
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