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Abusive Nannies Caught on Video

by:Grade     2020-04-16
Jerry and Sue were busy with their busy work schedule so they decided to hire a babysitter to take care of their baby girl.
When they meet a 42-year-
Carla, the old mother of the two children, thinks their prayers have been answered.
After interviewing a dozen candidates, they finally found the nanny they really liked.
However, over time, parents gradually noticed certain changes in their daughter\'s behavior.
Although she looks healthy, some of her traits make her parents suspicious.
Jerry and Sue, disguised as a stuffed animal, bought a hidden camera and placed it on a shelf in the daughter\'s room.
When they got home from work, they played the video and were shocked by what they saw.
They found that Carla, the nanny they trusted, was shaking their little girl while crying loudly, keeping her quiet.
They immediately fired the nanny and called the police, who then arrested Kara on grounds of endangering child welfare.
Unfortunately, the story is too common now.
The other three stories I read in the news while working on this article are as follows, New York-
Police said a babysitter slapped, kicked and smothered a 10-month-
This week, an angry father watched the abuse on the newly installed \"nanny camera\" and was arrested with a toy for her to stop crying little girl.
\"A nanny in nanny, Los Angeles was arrested and charged with two minor injury risk charges after she was observed on a video tape for two 10-month-old twins (
1 boy and 1 girl)
They were in her care.
A Vermont nanny was watching a set of 11-month-
The little boy came to a pillow from 3 feet above the ground because he did not want to eat.
The caregiver is also thought to throw the boy again, kick him, pick him up with his right arm and throw him back again.
These are just some of the disturbing news stories I read while working on this article.
In all of these cases, the pediatrician examined the children and found that they did not have a serious long-termterm injuries. (Thank God)
Sadly, some of the other stories I studied don\'t have the same ending.
It\'s not easy for parents to leave his or her children to others for the first time, and news stories like this will not make things easier.
Everyone wants peace of mind when they choose childcare.
In general, most parents feel uncomfortable and a little guilty about leaving their children in the first place.
To get rid of some concerns, you should do what you can.
A hidden nanny camera will give you peace of mind and make it easier for you to leave your child to someone else.
There are a lot of nannies in the world that really care about you, but how can you know if the strangers you make are one of the good nannies?
Concealed camera technology ensures that your child is properly taken care.
The hidden camera has many different forms.
It could be a clock on the wall of the baby\'s bedroom, a teddy bear on the shelf, or even a video recorder or desk lamp in the living room.
They are easy to install and can be wired or wireless depending on your situation.
If you\'re thinking of buying a hidden nanny camera, take the time to do a little research and identify the best for you.
Then decide if you should tell your caregiver that there is a nanny camera in the house.
While it is entirely legal to use a hidden nanny camera to monitor the nanny without her knowledge, if the nanny finds that she is monitored and recorded without her knowledge;
You may be at risk of losing a valuable employee.
Research and Opinion polls show that most honest nannies do not object to the use of video surveillance, but use it secretly.
If you spy on them secretly, they will find out, then any trust relationship between you and your nanny can be broken immediately.
On the other hand, if you tell them that the nanny camera is not just for her surveillance, but for the safety of the family, then she will feel that you trust her because you told her
As a bonus, if she knows she\'s been recorded, then any spur on your child can be suppressed, even on her most frustrating days.
When hiring a nanny, the parent should complete a background check, including the person\'s crime, the history of compensation for the employee and the worker, and the verification of permission.
But sometimes the inspection still does not guarantee that the children are not abused.
Parents should try to stay with future caregivers and observe them in a cautious manner.
The family should interview the person in person, not just by the placement agency.
The most important thing for parents is to get to know their children and find clues that may have problems, for example, an energetic child suddenly becomes sleepy, or you find bruises and scratches that can\'t be explained.
Another key sign of a possible problem is that when you leave your child to the caregiver, your child begins to become too anxious.
In addition to childcare, hidden cameras can be used for many other reasons.
For security reasons, these devices can be used when your home is cleaned, or just stare at things while you\'re away.
However, the spy store has shown that monitoring care providers are still the main reason.
I personally noticed that the number of purchases of hidden cameras has increased by 20% over the past two years.
While it\'s good for my business, I\'m not sure what impact it has on our society.
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