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advantages and disadvantages of alabaster chandeliers

by:Grade     2020-08-04
Among the many chandeliers available in today\'s lighting market, snowflake plaster chandeliers are considered one of the most durable and popular chandeliers for interior designers and homeowners.
Snowflake plaster as one of the leading materials for Chandelier manufacturing, what is special?
\"Alabaster\" is defined as a compact, fine
Textured, usually white and translucent plaster, or a hard, tight calcium carbonate/calcium carbonate or stone, translucent, sometimes in a ribbon or vein like marble.
It is characterized by Snow White, but there are light yellow and red changes.
Because alabaster is a very soft and fragile stone (
Although plaster is harder than plaster)
It is widely used for carving decorations, vases and statues.
For centuries, the function of alabaster has been extended to lamps and chandeliers.
Alabaster is usually used as a lampshade for a single bulb of a chandelier, which effectively reduces the glare of the bulb to soft, warm light.
Interior designers have been incorporating alabaster into many chandelier styles from antique design to stylish modern style to maintain this unique, soft glow.
Despite the steady beauty of the snowflake plaster chandelier, it has a major drawback.
Because it is a very soft and fragile stone, it is easy to get scratched.
Painting nails on the surface already creates fine lines.
Its air holes are also notorious.
Alabaster is easy to absorb dyes from the most mild soap, and it is also easy to absorb impurities from simple water, thus changing the appearance of the stone.
Because of the fragility of alabaster plaster, it is strictly forbidden to use conventional cleaning methods such as detergents, scrubs or grinding clothes.
Regular maintenance of alabaster chandeliers requires careful, gentle dust removal or vacuuming every day.
If you let the dust and dust pile up on the chandelier, you need to gently clean it with a wet cloth and a little borax.
Before cleaning the chandelier, make sure to unplug the chandelier to prevent electric shock.
If you are concerned about fully cleaning the alabaster chandeliers, you can remove the alabaster fragments, clean them and put them back in place.
You may want to tag each piece so you know which specific locations you will put them back on the chandelier.
Even if regular maintenance and high maintenance are required, the snowflake plaster chandelier is worth investing in for any family.
Learn more about how to keep your snowflake plaster chandelier in a beautiful, pristine state.
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