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all aboard! light rail vehicle for valley line unveiled by bombardier

by:Grade     2020-06-03
The train will enter the station soon.
Bombardier is expected to ship the first new Valley Line light rail vehicle starting in July and start static testing (
When the rail car is on the track but does not move).
By September, it will begin dynamic testing of railcars (
It will move)on 1.
7 km of the new route from downtown to Mill Woods.
\"The next time I go back to Edmonton is planned for the summer and that time I will bring something better too --
Beno t Brossoit, president of Bombardier Transport Americas, said on Friday: \"The first new South Valley Line LRT vehicle that is actually, fully operational . \".
Brossoit spoke in an open simulation show
At a new low
The floor light rail vehicle to the Bonnie Doon Shopping Center Valley Line is located on 83 th Street and White Avenue, which is the future light rail route.
The plan requires passengers to be able to start their cars on the Valley Line in December. 15, 2020.
It is expected that there will be up to 7 cars per train, which can accommodate 348 passengers, including passengers sitting and standing, with wide floors and doors, and a low floor, it is convenient for people in wheelchairs.
Brossoit said Bombardier\'s Kingston plant in Ontario has begun to manufacture the trains.
\"We do things on time and on budget,\" he said . \"
On Friday, Mayor Don Iveson said the public transport would change the community.
\"It changes the way you interact with the city, the way you interact with your neighbors, and creates opportunities for reconstruction, big and small,\" he said . \".
Iverson says people sometimes scratch their heads and ask why the city has spent so much money on it.
\"Why are we so disturbing people with this building and why are we building it this way --
\"Why don\'t we build it in a different way,\" he said . \".
After considering all of these \"puzzles\" over the past 10 years, Iverson said the reason the city insists on light rail is because traffic jams get worse unless people have other options.
\"Moreover, light rail is still the best option,\" he said . \". Halam @ postmedia
People who want to see new light rail vehicles: Simulation-
The East parking lot of Bonnie Doon Mall will be on display.
The staff will answer questions on site. Saturday, Feb. 3: 9 a. m. – 5 p. m. Sunday, Feb. 4: Noon – 5 p. m. Monday, Feb. 5: 12:30 p. m. – 7 p. m. Tuesday, Feb. 6: 12:30 p. m. – 7 p. m.
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