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amazon wants holograms in your living room

by:Grade     2020-03-20
Amazon\'s patented technology can make your living room Star Trekstyle holodeck.
Augmented reality usually means wearing bulky headphones, but Amazon says it can bring a holographic image to your living room without ugly glasses.
Amazon says ceiling
The installed nodes can be used to track the movement of all people in the room.
The projector will then create the glasses using this data-
Free holographic photos that can be controlled with your hands.
It is not clear what Amazon uses for the technology.
The patent file describes the setting as \"a room equipped with a computerized projection and imaging system capable of displaying images on a variety of objects within the room, to facilitate users with images and/or.
The company tried it. and failed -
Do sports experiments-
Tracking of the past.
Amazon\'s Fire Phone has 6 pre-functions
Camera for tracking user movement.
However, the equipment was not sold well and was eventually discontinued.
If Amazon does use these patents, it is likely to take a few years before home holographic photography becomes a reality.
Microsoft seems to be a major competitor in the field.
It will launch the HoloLens headset next year.
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