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and you thought your day was bad! watch the moment a man\'s entire living room ceiling collapses - just as he was packing to move out

by:Grade     2020-03-19
A day of renting r to move, when the ceiling of his entire living room collapsed, he only had a \"hole\" in the moment someone slept under \".
On Saturday, engineer Carden Dennis, who was moving in kalguoli, Western Australia, noticed a small crack in the ceiling.
Mr. Dennis, 26, said in a video he filmed, \"so . . . . . . The ceiling in my house began to collapse . . . . . . It\'s a rent. we\'re moving out today . \".
The first response was to call his realtor, but the cracks began to expand on the phone.
The crack started to get very big when I called the agent.
Mr Dennis told the Australian Daily Mail that I told her that I had to skedaddle and that was when I took out my camera and started shooting.
\"I don\'t know how much the roof will fall, so I ran into the kitchen to avoid being crushed. . .
Everything will collapse next minute.
Mr. Dennis said his roommate Sean had been sleeping in the living room for hours before the ceiling collapsed.
\"Sean has packed up his stuff so he just put a mattress in the living room.
If he slept in a few hours, he would become a pancake.
Although the incident happened on the day of the move, Dennis said, he could see an interesting side.
\"I can see humor from it. . .
\"Someone will clean it up, but it won\'t be me,\" he said . \".
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