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Antique Single Tree (Horse Evener) Light Fixture

by:Grade     2020-04-19
Note: people have been correcting me on my title.
The main part of the lamp I purchased from there is called \"more horse \".
The Internet search under this name shows the same picture as the item I purchased, so I believe this is correct.
I\'m sorry the name was wrong.
I have corrected it in the title, but have not changed it everywhere in my entire document. )
I found a small one (19”)
In a real estate sale, a tree horse Weiner and a pair of antique glass globes began to think about how to combine them together in a unique way.
I cleaned up other lamp/chandelier parts in fixtures I found in previous garage sales.
I am proud to say that this is the first time I have tried any electrical equipment.
Material: a single tree with ancient flavor (Horse Evener)
-19 \"old chandelier 2 decorative copper cups old chandelier light weight Chain 2 antique glass balls 2 ordinary copper cups (8 links)
Medium weight chain from old chandelier (18”)
From the old chandelier 20\'18ga light line-clear the 240 W old-fashioned bulb 4 U-shaped nail line switch plug 6 fixing screws 2: socket, 1.
5 \"nipple, threaded gasket, screw ring 1 can be imitation of antique copper paint spray 1: chain length and Copper Cup (socket covers)
Picked up from two old chandeliers, both common and decorative.
The lightweight chain is divided into 4 links in two lengths, each painted in bronze to match the heavy chain and Cup more closely.
2: The metal of the horse is rust more than I want to show.
I stick the wood to it and blow up the metal with sand.
I ended up getting a lot more rusty than I expected, but in any case I was happy with the results.
To clean the wood, I used a brush and then compressed air to go as deep as possible into the line of characters.
3: the antique glass ball has a threaded neck and is not suitable for placing in a copper cup.
Grind the thread using a dremel tool with a grinding tip.
4: to ensure that the copper cup does not fall off, four holes are drilled and each hole is punched in to install the fixing screws.
One end of the lamp rope goes through the four links of the light chain, a screw ring, a decoration and a common Copper Cup (socket covers)
, Thread gasket and 1. 5” nipple.
The wires are separated and each wire is stripped about \".
Each stripped cord is wrapped around a screw on the socket and the screw is tightened.
The socket is closed with a fiber insulator under the cover.
The nipple is screwed into the top of the socket and the threaded gasket is screwed into the exposed shaft of the nipple.
The common and decorative cups slide over the nipples and the screw ring is fixed to the top of the nipples.
These steps are repeated with the other end of the lamp line and socket element.
Then cut the remaining lamp lines in half.
One end link of the heavier chain is opened far enough to slip through the big center ring on the horse evener and close again.
The two socket ends are hung on the hook at the end of the horse evener to determine the length required for each side to be spliced to the main wire.
Additional fees are cut and set aside.
In order to keep the wires neatly from the main line to the socket along evener\'s arm, U-shaped nails were used to secure the wires (
2 on both sides of the Center).
Since evener is made of hardwood floors, it is not successful to hammer nails in the appropriate place.
Some holes are drilled so that the nails can be worn in more easily.
Then the rope goes through the nail.
Part of the lamp line cut off in the previous step is intertwined with the heavy support chain in the center of Ma Weiner.
The end of the loop through the big center is divided about 1.
5 \", the two ends are about to peel off \".
The ends of the two wires on the socket are also separated and stripped about \".
One end of the three wires is seasoned and welded together, and the process is repeated in the second group of three wires.
Each connection is covered with a transparent heat shrink tube.
These connections are hidden as they pull the wires down between the wood and the evener center cradle.
Transparent silicone was used to keep the wire in place.
A basic rocker type Wick switch is installed along the loose part of the wick, about between the Wick chain and the Wick end.
Open the switch box and cut a slit on a wire about 2 \"long.
One side of the wire is cut off and stripped.
The end of the peel is wrapped around the post of the screw in the switch, and the screw is tightened onto the wire.
The rest of the Tact is crammed into the other side of the switch housing.
Along a metal strip at both ends of the inside of the box secure the wire in place, and the box is closed with the attached screws.
The loose end of the power cord is fitted with a standard electrical plug.
The end of the lamp line passes through the plug housing and is divided into about 2 \", each end is stripped off.
Each end of the peel is wound in a spiral and fixed on the tip.
The pins are then put back into the case and fixed by the yellow plug.
Finally, I chose a 40 W vintage style bulb from Home Depot. Enjoy!
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