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Any discount for large order iron lamp ?
For the inquiry about the discount, please make direct contact with us. We've set up a team of marketing staff consisting of experienced salespersons and they are responsible for formulating the policy for discounts. Sometimes, so as to entice customers to purchase in larger quantities and give them a more favorable price, we will launch some promotion activities. Generally, our sales strategy is that by offering a larger quantity, we can increase our revenues per transaction and customers can get a favorable price. This strategy is beneficial for both parties. As for the exact discount, it's suggested that customers can consult with our staff in our Customer Service Department who are always ready to answer your questions.

Over years of development, Zhongshan Grade Lighting Co.,Ltd. has shown an unrivaled competitive edge in manufacturing wall mounted lights and has been widely accepted. The custom lamps series is widely praised by customers. indoor lamps from Grade Lighting is designed with wall mounted lights performance. It will not cause color fading on the illuminated object. It outperforms other competitors in the market in all aspects, such as quality, performance, durability. Built with a heat sink, it does not accumulate heat inside.

The Grade brand hopes to become one of the leading companies in the custom light fixture manufacturers industry. Get info!
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