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architect\'s art moderne residence is a standout

by:Grade     2020-01-12
When architect Robert Lemon and interior designer Robert redingham discovered their 1936 Art modernist
Style house, it is threatened with more destructive than a big house.
Across two 33-
Walking in the section on West 10 Avenue, it faces the danger of being torn down and replaced by two new houses built side by side in different sections.
It was in 1988, two years after Vancouver set up a heritage registry in honor of Vancouver\'s century.
Although the House-
For the first owner, Horace Barber, structural engineer, called the barber shop
On the heritage list, it is not protected by the law of demolition.
Lemon and Ledingham want to keep the house but use the second building to optimize the real estate value of the property --
If added, the building integrity of the House will be destroyed.
Lemon also wants to create the idea of a secondary home behind an established venue.
It\'s not easy.
The gray West Point community is classified as a single area
Family home with no padding or laneway building allowance, so they need a second full-
The size of the backyard.
\"This is the first time the city has ever done so,\" Lemon said . \".
\"The planning process took over a year.
We asked people to submit a petition saying it would reduce the value of their property and we had to go to the city council for a special meeting.
Finally, they withdrew their objections and came to apologize later.
\"Lemon is an expert in combining traditional architecture with a modern environment.
From 1991 to 1996, as a senior heritage planner in Vancouver, he helped the city of Vancouver to implement new provincial heritage legislation and to develop a density transfer policy for the city, recent landmark projects and heritage interiors.
He consulted on the restoration and restoration of the landmark project, including BC Hydro building on Burrard, Cathedral of the Christian Church, downtown Shangri ca, coastal church next to Shangri-La
Hotels in Los Angeles, Georgia and the wing sang mansion in Chinatown.
He also designed a new home both traditional and modern.
The lemon house is now protected.
Conditions for the city to require the designation of the estate as the construction of a second house
He won the Vancouver City Heritage Award in 1991.
Built in the same year as Vancouver City Hall, it has a similar style and basically a streamlined concrete box with perforated windows installed on a regular basis.
The interior has been converted into two apartments and is now restored to a single apartmentfamily home.
The original plan of architect Ross Lort shows the living room and bedroom on the top floor with kitchen and dining room downstairs.
Now, the dining room is upstairs in the living room and the kitchen goes through the back of the house.
The bedroom and lemon home office is on the first floor.
Decoration will always bring surprises, this is no exception.
It reveals a steel frame at the bottom of the rail as two layers-
High pillars 4 feet apart.
In the concrete exterior wall of the living room, hidden under the paneling layer is three curved niches, consisting of wooden barrel walls stacked between rails.
There is also an interesting staircase ceiling in the room.
Otherwise the interior is inconspicuous-
No special decor, only clean strip wood floors and regular walls
Therefore, lemon and ledinham completely redesigned it and chose materials that are modern but have the character of the times.
Paneling is a unique striped pattern cut into African mahogany.
The fireplace with horizontal stripes was originally painted concrete with vitrolite\'s mantel, a colorful glass that was popular when the house was built.
They were unable to remove the paint, faced the fireplace with vitrol and replaced the top of the fireplace with granite.
The horizontal lines in the new mirror walls and wood products come from the straps on the fireplace, as do the glass shelves in the living room study.
The house was original and there were several refurbished fixtures.
Avodire paneling and horizontal details extend all the way to the dining room where the round speakers set on the cabinet door are placed on the ear level of the person around the table.
The custom table has a vellum top.
Completion of base and building-
There is car paint in the tableware cabinet.
The kitchen cabinets all use automatic paint and avodire, passing through thinner doors along an edge to accommodate a curved Venetian plaster wall.
Lemon, which loves cooking, says it works well even in a relatively small kitchen.
There are two sinks, one in the service and dishwashing area near the restaurant and the other on the island where he does most of the preparatory work.
There was a dome skylight on the island that filled the dark room with light.
Electrical appliances-
Stove, fireplace and built-in oven
In the refrigerator in trusen.
Next to the island.
In retrospect, Lemon said he might have a range of ovens below, more counter space than a wall oven, but it\'s still an efficient kitchen.
Like all the good kitchens, it\'s also a place to hang out.
There is a comfortable banquet and chair at one end of the kitchen table, sitting in five seats, so guests can participate.
Although there is not enough space for lemons, speakers and cooking books are hidden in the cabinet.
Because of the location of the island, he can cook while chatting with people in the living room.
This is a good place for entertainment, he said.
\"The amount of our hospitality is reasonable, and it is also very cost-effective for the parties.
People can be on the roof, especially in the summer.
We can have 100 people.
\"The roof is reached through narrow French doors, which are suitable for 4 feet openings between the structural railings.
The bright red metal staircase overlooks the courtyard between the two houses.
Originally just a roof, the deck is a series of rooms defined by the plantation owner, built in-
Changes on benches and floors.
The curtains and corner beam hedges selected for the color of the leaves provide privacy, but nothing can stop panoramic views of Vancouver and the North Shore Mountains.
For more than 20 years, the house is as elegant and practical as it was when it was first renovated.
Although lemon and Ledingham also have apartments at the recently completed Jameson House-
Lemon oversees the protection of adjacent heritage buildings
They are not in a hurry to leave.
\"At the time, 2005, it seemed like a good move in the city center,\" Lemon said . \".
\"We will give it a try, but we haven\'t given up yet on the 10 th West.
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