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Are there services after adjustable arm floor lamp installation?
To extend the life span of every floor lamp , Zhongshan Grade Lighting Co.,Ltd. is in touch with the implemented projects to resolve any questions that customers could meet. The trained and certified technicians run each job in a professional manner, so as to convert the jobs to a reality. Our efficient after-sales service staff will help you whenever you wanted.

Grade Lighting has developed into a strong enterprise that mainly specializes in the development and manufacturer of wall mounted lights. The custom floor lamps series is widely praised by customers. The product delivers the flawless function and operation. With a high transmittance lampshade or diffuser, it generates uniform and enough brightness. Unlike the glass door that requires frequent cleaning nor the metal one that easily gets rust or corrosion, this product needs little maintenance. Operating on the low-voltage electrical system, it is much safer for people.

As an important exporter of custom light fixture manufacturers, the Grade brand will become an international brand. Contact us!
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