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Around the House: Installing a Dimmer Switch

by:Grade     2020-04-27
It seems too complicated to install the dimmer switch, but this is not the case after Home Depot spokesman Dave White explained the process to us!
Why use the dimmer switch: The dimmer increases the flexibility and control of lighting while reducing energy consumption, and the dimmer is great for rooms that provide a variety of functions, such as restaurants, family rooms and
By dimming the lamp by 10%, you can save 10% of the energy for the lamp and double the life of the bulb.
Turn the dim lights to 50% to save 40% of the energy and light bulbs and extend the duration by 20 times.
Triac components in dimmers actually cycle on and off the lights very quickly-
Up to 120 times per second, the longer the light is on and off, the brighter the light output.
Similarly, the longer the light opening time is compared to the light opening, the lower the light output, energy saving is an important consideration: before dealing with this simple work, it is important to know your switch type and power level. The new dimmer switch should be rated according to the total power of the fixture.
Eight chandeliers of 100
For a 600 bulb, there are too many watt bulbs
Do not use a standard dimmer for the fan, otherwise you will run out of options for the dimmer: you can purchase a rotary dimmer (
, Looks like a standard switch or comes with an independent on-
Turn off the switch so that the dimmer will turn on at the level you choose. There is even a desk light dimmer switch that can be plugged in, like an extension cord for the instant dimmer function the department assistant can help you determine the best option for the project to install the dimmer: 1)
Power off the circuit in main service panel 2)
Remove standard light switch
Connect the wire lead of the dimmer switch to the circuit wire using the wire connector-
The switch leads are interchanged and can be connected to either of the two electrical routes-
If you happen to have a third dimmer switch (green)
Wire, this is the ground lead;
Connect it to the bare copper ground wireNote of the grounding metal electric box or circuit: A three-
The dimmer has an extra wire lead.
This \"public\" wire is connected to a common circuit wire. On a three-
Road switch, the darkest connection of ordinary circuit wires (or copper)
Screw terminals on old switches;
It can also be marked with the word COMMON on the switch itself.
There\'s only one of three.
The switch can be a dimmer switch;
Both switches can turn the fixture on and off, but only one switch can control its strength.
Product: Master Lutron model-Retail $29.
95 imagine that your light will fade up and down smoothly so that your eyes can adjust this dimmer with fading, preset, fully bright and soft glow
Two-knife patch list
Location Ding Ming 3-
Multi-Channel wiring
Location slutron Claro wall panel includes lulu technical support, 24 hours/7 days a day, center button on lights per week to smooth up and down the favorite horizontal lights and make your levelLutron model Dalia-$22.
99 lift your decor in 15 minutes with Lutron\'s Dalia dimmers, the simpla Dalia dimmers in any room will improve the atmosphere, enhance comfort, and ensure that you have lights suitable for any event, and save energy and extend the life of the bulb. Intuitive operation, easy to use, and find the sliding dimmer and on/off switch.
Includes integrated locator lights, find switches in dark rooms, can be used in a series of colors to supplement any decorative buttons, return the light to your favorite horizontal slide adjustment light to suit any activity integrated precision cutting bulb lifeline beam guideup to 2-
1/4 thick tilebone des light telescopic bracket with wheels-
For more information, please visit: www. HomeDepot.
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