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aspirational fine dining: the four best new hotel restaurants

by:Grade     2020-01-21
In the past, the hotel restaurant was reserved for lonely business travelers and was forced to dine alone on a variety of mysterious meats and boring side dishes, but now even people like Lindsay Rohan, victoria Beckham and Britney Spears pester their assistants to book rooms at the hotel restaurant, the hottest place in the world.
With celebrity chefs opening new restaurants in the best hotels in the world, hotel dining is no longer a terrible experience, but a new hot spot for celebrity elites.
Booking for the next trip may be more food than an actual stay.
Booking dinner in these 5 star hotels is as difficult as a luxury suite, but it is well worth the effort.
Alan Dukas works at the luxury hotel restaurant in Dorchester, London, and Alan Dukas works at the Athens Square and the Paris hotel in Monaco.
Dukas\'s latest commitment in Dorchester, London, did little to maintain the hotel\'s existing atmosphere, and instead, he recruited Patrick Jon from his previous work at Athens square.
The result is a quiet dining experience echoing on the beach
Colorful walls surrounded by rosewood paneling and round table tops
Back cushion chair.
The room is lit with lighting features in many sculptures, including a crystal-
Private restaurant.
The only chef with three.
Michelin stars on three continents, master Alan Dukas cooked exquisite French dishes with resident chef Joslyn Heran, attracting visitors from Athens square.
The two produced a series of tasting menus, including seven, four or three.
The main course includes scallops marinated with black truffle sauce, Scottish lobster, Juliette vegetables or roast foie gras beef slices.
Strict dress codes encourage men to wear coats and have enacted cooking decrees to keep sportswear in the gym.
San Francisco interstate hotel Luce is located near the Moscone Center of San Francisco. it is the flagship restaurant of the new San Francisco Interstate Hotel. A sleek glass-
The inlaid structure in the south of the market, a private restaurant entrance on the street attracts a group of curious gourmets who are usually worried about the hotel\'s restaurants.
The interior restaurant is a towering space with beige gold lamps hanging on itand-
Black marble floor with low banquet and table top seating.
The restaurant has a lively bar area and a public chef table near the glass-
Enclosed kitchen
Luz is at the helm of chef Dominic klenn, a native French chef who has been hailed by Mr. fashion magazine as one of the \"chefs worth watching\" in the United States.
Crenn offers seasonal services in California
Italian menu with organic seasonal influence, well designed-out menu.
A mix of land and sea, dishes like black ink Trofiette Carbonara (
Squid in ink with poached eggs)
, Seafood tartartare and a vintage ribeye painted with a braised beef tail perfectly present a list of wines created by Michael Mondavi
Son of Robert mondavey). MB Restaurant --
Aqua oit Cancun water resort is not the Cancun you used to know, at least not like 371-
Luxury Guest room island on the Caribbean coast.
Groupo Posadas water is a new luxury branch, so the collection of Caesar Hotel in South America.
The property is huge and stretches over a vast pristine sand that takes the lead
The sea view in the area and some of the hippest public areas.
Except five.
The star spa and eight resort swimming pools feature private cabins and a beachfront DJ lounge, along with the delicacies of the MB restaurant created by Michelle Bernstein.
Michelle Bernstein is known to North American gourmets as a former James Beard nominee, visiting judge for top chefs and owner of Miami\'s Michy restaurant.
Bernstein\'s signature Cuban-MB restaurant
The local supply of organic ingredients, local specialties and sustainable agricultural products makes you feel comfortable.
Special dishes of the season include tuna, chili oil and ginger, Spanish-
Shrimp, roasted garlic, corn porridge and Moroccan carrot stew ribs. Ago --
The much-hyped opening of Hotel Greenwich in New York is nothing new to New Yorkers, but few have opened with the height and secret of Hotel Greenwich.
Despite the New York hotel spin
Off is what happens every day, this is L. A.
The restaurant debuted in New York.
On their heads, stars and be-
The foodies who see are lining up for the new outpost of Ago (pronounced --Ah-Go and co-
Owned by Robert De Niro).
For hotel guests who like to avoid hype, the restaurant can also be provided through 24-hour room service.
Chef agosino Sciandri made his debut in Grayling at his famous Italian Steakhouse
Design the restaurant to recreate the restaurant in Florence.
The restaurant is lined up with bare brick walls, with wooden paneling and ceiling covered with more than 90,000 Cork, implying the restaurant\'s rich wine list.
The menu looks a lot like the L you met in New Vegas and are weakening. A.
Restaurant outpost with organic salad, homemade pasta, wood-
The fried pizza and the cooked steak are perfectly made.
The new is Greenwich environment and N. Y.
Glitterati begged for any bookings they could get.
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