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astonishing crystal chandeliers

by:Grade     2020-08-09
Absolutely no one can deny the beauty and charm of the crystal chandelier.
These amazing pieces have been making us happy since the 17th century, until now.
Nowadays, there are many different types of crystal chandeliers.
One of the prominent crystal chandeliers is Strass crystal.
Strass crystal is made by Swarovski.
It is actually considered the best crystal in the world.
This crystal is cut by machine for the first time, and then polished by hand, and quickly coated with an invisible optical layer, which will produce amazing results.
In fact, these Swarovski crystals are crystals used annually in the excellent Swarovski Crystal Palace series design.
These stunning crystal chandelier designs were first launched in 2002 and the latest presentation took place in April 2006.
Now, let\'s take a look at the stunning crystal chandelier design here over the years.
In 2006, fashion designers Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke designed a chandelier called Science and Fiction.
The shape of the chandelier is based on Mary-
Therese design, known for its 18th-century Austrian queen.
What\'s the gorgeous candle arm, Mary-
Therese chandeliers are known for respecting this old standard by \"science and Virtuality.
The chandelier has 111 crystal and 32-point burning black candles, making it an amazing chandelier.
The contemporary designer, ferucio Lamini, presented an amazing chandelier called yoga in 2005 \".
Yoga has 100 crystals with different pastel shades, a beautiful golden frame.
The shape of yoga is like a children\'s jacket.
It is illuminated by halogen lamps and gives a soft and calm color.
\"Mediterranean\" is another beautiful chandelier launched by Gaetano pece.
The chandelier consists of 140 crystal brackets, each consisting of 87 Swarovski crystals illuminated by LED.
It\'s actually a great crystal design.
It even gives off the scent of calm and relaxation and changes the shape of the audience.
\"Vertigo\" is a chandelier designed by Chris Levine.
This chandelier is like a traditional chandelier that you can see in a ballroom.
But the advantage of Vertigo is that it is lit with a laser through a row of crystals.
Finally, it became an amazing chandelier.
Now, the chandelier has become the past.
Because now designers are constantly trying and creating the artistic beauty of crystal.
They are now an amazing and excellent design pile of crystal chandeliers.
In fact, it makes many people discover the beauty and charm of the crystal chandelier.
Of course, many people think that crystal chandeliers can make their houses more attractive and add beauty to their furniture and fixtures.
It will definitely add to the atmosphere of the room.
There are also a lot of crystal chandelier design;
All you have to do is choose the design that best suits your home.
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