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by:Grade     2019-12-28
In the near past, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair was a tribute to space.
More contemporary decor than its name.
Take over the trade fair of the majestic Jacob K.
Every spring, the Javits Convention Center will be the center of amoeba, revealing the design trends that will soon flood the country with decorative shops
Decorated with a citrus electric-toned styling sofa, a Lucite dining hall chair with color, and a traditional baroque armchair coated with blue rubber.
In other words, in a country club, natural materials visible are as scarce as muscle shirts.
But slowly, these cold European designs have been reduced and more modern furniture lines are rendered in wood.
We\'re not just talking about these broken bones.
The texture of the wood and veneer is not only visible, but also the focus.
These are not tables or Windsor chairs in your grandmother\'s rocking-bed style, but natural wood or even plywood made, bent, and stacked in striking contemporary form.
Through the huge convention center, you can see a forest suitable for the most modern families.
It\'s too rustic to connect with Scandinavian style, but it\'s too stylized in the country, and this new wave of design is combined to give an example, the organic form of trunks and planks on the chrome table legs, similar
Size paper clip.
There are elements that can recall molded wood.
Century style, first appeared in 1946 pieces by Charles and Ray Ames, or the staple food hairpin metal leg of the 1960 pre-dinner suit.
However, in the current incarnation, it is also emphasized to show the ecology.
Friendly elements and modern design.
Providence said: \"The combination of wood and metal, we like to call it honest material
According to the small business studio led by Asher Dunn.
Last year, Dunn won the Best New Designer Award at the exhibition.
\"I think it has a lot to do with the new era of American design.
Dunn pointed out the growth of this particular style after a design article --
The September 2009 city-oriented magazine asked the question, \"Where did American design go?
At that time, European design was not only at the fair, but also at the tony furniture fair, which dominated contemporary furniture.
These plastics from overseas became the muse of interior decorators, who hovered for monied customers in the aisles of the International Contemporary Furniture Fair.
Like the fashion world, high
The final design trend will eventually enter mass-market retailers.
Boston said: \"For the first time a few years ago, we saw a limited number of combinations of wood and metal.
A designer based in penmeiyi who caters to a highend clientele.
\"But I was there this year and it was everywhere.
Once someone sees the look they like, everyone starts copying it.
\"There is no end to the wood and all its forms.
A company weaves Birch veneers into sleek, modern lamps like a winding ribbon candy ball.
Others stack and apply a layer of plywood with different shades of brown, sand and milk chocolate, creating the effect of a wood grain made from trees harvested from another planet.
There are some wallpaper made of broken wood.
The IPad stand is made of hardwood floors, similar to the 1950 TV set, and is particularly popular. N of Presto. H. , firm of C. W.
Keller & Associates created a choppy plywood facing wall that looks like a calm ocean.
Vice President Sean Keller said technological advances such
Paved the way for a new era of design. C. W.
Keller created furniture for the construction company Office dA, June, Harbour Park Pavilion, a roof Keller made of complex curved plywood for casting concrete molds, open on the rose fitzgerrard Kennedy Greenway near the New England Aquarium.
\"Plywood allows us to make some very interesting surfaces,\" Keller said . \".
Dunn said the combination of modern and rural help American designers stand out from the competition in Europe.
\"I think, after years of vinyl and plastic, people really start to go back and ask, \'What do people value? \'?
What is the furniture handed down from generation to generation? ’ ’’ he said.
\"Many of the furniture that is being created now is furniture that is expected to exist in the years to come.
\"Christopher Muther can be reached at muther @ globe. com.
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