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Bedside Tables Don\'t Have to Be So Incapable of Holding Anything

by:Grade     2020-03-31
1976 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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There are occasional copywriting errors or other problems during the digitization process.
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Referring to the word \"bedside table\" to most salesmen usually results in a piece of undernourished furniture, supported by four slightly slender legs, which can be imagined to hold a lamp, phone and notes.
The design is as practical as the pointed shoes.
The assumption seems to be that many people think that radios, clocks, hooks, glasses, cigarettes, ashtrays and other tools are trivial bedroom accessories that deserve little consideration.
Obviously, there are a few extra things in terms of available space besides paleness, such as cookies and milk, which may make the life of the occupier more tolerable, this is where the emotionalist may or may send a few flowers for aesthetic pleasure.
As expected, more and more householders refuse to obey unrealistic traditions.
It will not be used if the table does not meet the purpose.
What is advertising usually more attractive to use?
The variety is almost incredible, but the alternatives are always more practical in size and more attractive in many cases.
The advertisements now used to wrap the bed or bed are round tables, writing tables, dropleaf tables, coffee tables, chippend silver tables, hospital tables for dining, step tables, classic rectangular Parsons tables, boxes, etageres, bookcase and wicker trunk.
The skirting round table is currently the most popular alternative.
The table itself is usually a no-difference design, and once it is covered, it is an unimportant factor and a factor that accounts for relatively cheap costs.
The skirt often matches the decoration of the bedroom, and when the fabric is not washable, the top of the round glass will play a protective role.
Many apartment residents who are more imaginative than space have bedside tables, which have a dual purpose.
The Dropleaf table provides a lot of space for bedroom accessories, can he use it in another room when there are dinner guests?
A writing table provides the same duality.
Same as the drawer that provides extra storage space.
One of the most practical and unattractive solutions is the hospital table, which is easy to carry and adaptable.
It serves as a combination of bedside and bed tables.
An attractive solution is the table with brass casters (
For easy movement while making bed and cleaning)
And a set on top of the tray.
Some are especially clever, if expensive ($650 to $875)
, The version of the shelf and two drawers hidden in the apron and the recessed top that prevents sliding and overflow is designed by the decorator Mario Bata. Mr.
Linen is usually laid on the table of the pagoda, decorated with stripes, dots, leaves or flowers.
The decoration can also be a simple stripe with a contrast color, or it can be a few layers of bright paint.
When using two tables, one table is placed at right angles to the bed, and the other table is placed against the wall.
Occasionally, a table goes to the foot of the bed to watch TV.
For avant-garde people, the bedside table itself is an anomaly.
They stayed on a bed all the time and had their own building on the headboard and accessory surfaces.
The new platform beds almost always have built-in tables that make up an integral part of the whole design.
In the advertisement on the top left, Helen O\'Brien used a fallen table by her bedside.
The above is a popular and practical round skirting table.
Left, square glass and chrome tables are attractive enough for most accessories.
A version of this file was printed on page 14 of the New York edition on August 2, 1976, with the title: the bedside table does not have to be so unable to accommodate anything.
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