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best-laid plans: small space has ideal layout

by:Grade     2020-07-29
Maria’s 642-square-
According to the interior decoration company Tobi Brockway, the layout of the foot apartment is very good.
\"This apartment is ideal for a small place.
\"It even has a foyer large enough to put a console table, artwork or mirror,\" said Brockway . \".
\"I will also add a sparkling pendant light, a lamp full of joy --
The long poster and interesting carpet on the oblique wall make the foyer more attractive.
\"Again, Brockway was excited to see this little space with a walled kitchen, dirty dishes and cooking debris invisible.
The only flaw was the lack of light, and Maria wrote that she had removed the sun room door in the bedroom and living room.
Brockway agrees with the change as it allows natural light from the only windows in the apartment to flow into the interior space.
Also, rooms are easier to offer without doors.
\"As another way to add light, I encourage Maria to go with pale hardwood floors --
Like washed ash.
Throughout the suite, \"said brokway, owner of Toby brokway interior design.
She also suggested that the walls from the front door to the bedroom Hill be painted in gray, the shades of gray made by Pittsburgh paint (PPG416).
Brockway admits she is an admirer of contemporary wallpaper and she thinks it has helped a lot with your decor.
She suggested that the Antonia Vera series, made with Crown wallpaper, dress up the two walls in the corner of the restaurant (www. crownwallpaper. com).
In order to maximize the corner space, Brockway recommends installing banquets on both walls (
Two seats per seat).
The benches worked well with the round tables, and Maria also had plenty of room to park an armed dining chair at the end of the kitchen at the table.
When Maria needs an extra seat to accompany her, she can drag the chair into the living room.
Brockway will choose neutral toneson-
The hue fabric of the banquet, so there is no conflict with the wallpaper.
This makes the walls of the long kitchen free for buffet or Chinese cabinets.
Brockway said that the first thing guests will see when they enter the apartment is the furniture on the wall of the North living room.
With that in mind, she urged Maria to choose an attractive sofa and two coffee tables of good quality, where she could place a pair of elegant lights.
Maria can set up a media center and TV on the opposite wall.
She could also put two small chairs on either side of the living room --
-One facing the TV, the other facing the field of view.
Brockway suggests finishing the living room with carpet (
8 feet by 10 feet)
Fix the furniture and comfortup the space.
Because there is such a long dark area from the dining area to the bedroom walls, Brockway recommends installing track lighting in the living room.
There is no daylight room door in the bedroom and Maria has enough space to accommodate the Queen
The size of the bed, the headboard against the wall, and the bedside table.
There is a narrow high space
The boy\'s chest is in a niche on the outer wall.
Maria can use the window end of the bedroom as a computer desk, or sit on a recliner, sit on a small wine table, and sit on a floor lamp suitable for reading.
Brockway suggested drawing the morning light of the bedroom, a clear green color that was also made of Pittsburgh paint (PPG110-1)
\"This color is very feminine.
\"I would choose fabrics and accessories in gray, pastel green and yellow that go with the floors and walls,\" said Brockway . \".
Brokway\'s last suggestion to Maria is: consider every inch of space and size before purchasing any furniture.
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