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Big brother knew best

by:Grade     2020-04-16
Sometimes it\'s worth listening to your brother-ask Rhodes Weston, a veteran entertainment journalist at Universal TV Canada.
About 10 years ago, his brother Richard suggested that the two gather their money and buy a house-an apartment townhouse in a market segment near King Street.
The West that has not yet been built.
Roz was not excited about the idea, but reluctantly agreed.
\"At first, nothing attracted me to this place,\" Gemini --
Nominated producers and television celebrities said.
\"Because it\'s within our price range, it\'s purely economic.
When we moved here, this part of the West King City was factory.
There are few street lamps;
Really scary.
\"The big brother of the animation director thinks the area is on the rise and he comes over.
\"Right now, it\'s one of the most expensive areas in the lower city, but I didn\'t like it at first, said the former radio celebrity who used to be an intern for Jok Howard Stern of the American shock team.
\"I don\'t want to move here at all. it\'s the best place to live now.
\"Brothers chose a high-rise apartment in three rooms.
Middle floor units in the complex.
They moved in seven years ago and are now with Richard\'s girlfriend, photographer Leanna Gosse and a 1-year-
Old cat with no name.
At first Weston\'s disdain for the place grew.
After moving in, the brothers realized that some of the upgrades they paid for-including hardwood floors-were not in place.
A lawsuit followed, but the result was very much to his chagrin that the laminate was kept under his feet.
Since then, Weston has warned those who buy from the floor plan to hire someone who knows what to look for on the site --
Check the process.
In the Lord-
The horizontal front door is a small foyer with terracotta tiles inside.
The gray carpeted staircase leads the stairs in the middle to the apartment in West.
There are also stairs in the garage with two motorcycles and a pump bag inside.
The top of the stairs is the second foyer and the right is an open concept, L-
The shape of the living room and dining room.
The kitchen is behind.
I don\'t want it, medium.
Color laminate flooring.
The kitchen floor is made with the same terracotta tile as the downstairs entrance.
On this level there is also a bathroom with a white tile floor, a laundry room and a large bedroom in Roz Weston.
The original plan was to have two small bedrooms but he wanted more space.
The bedroom has a gray carpet, behind the unit next to the kitchen. The grey-Second carpet
The floor master bedroom with ensuite belongs to his brother and Gauss.
A lot of pressure-
A treated wooden deck of white metal railings.
There is a similar but smaller deck in front of the house that can be accessed through the French doors of the living room.
On the wall was Ralph Lauren\'s soft tan tone, with a brighter tone in Weston\'s bedroom and a slightly darker tone in the bathroom.
The master bedroom on the upper level has gray shades.
\"There are not many colors in the House,\" Montreal --born, Acton-
Weston said.
\"I don\'t like to be surrounded by colors.
Everything is colorful when you work on TV, I like low lighting and mute.
\"The decoration was made by the brothers themselves.
Weston thought it was convenient and was particularly proud to have patched up a dresser to match an Asian
The wall unit in his bedroom.
He is also very convenient in the kitchen, specializing in slow meals.
Cooked meat, eager for more cooking space.
Kitchenette with white appliances, white laminated countertops and mid-
Color cabinet with brushed nickel knob.
\"The living room is my favorite because I live with my brother and we get along very well,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s not just about roommates;
I really enjoyed being with him, which is where we spend most of our time together.
I don\'t want to live alone.
\"The living room has a white wood/gas fireplace with 48-
Inch LCD TV on the mantel.
The curtains fell.
White, hanging on an iron rod.
The furniture includes two white fabric sofas with lots of brown and green pillows inside.
Behind the Sofa area is the modern black leather reading chair and square block, dark color
Wooden coffee table with modern silver metal desk lamp.
There\'s a big, dark one. stained Asian-
Fashion Square coffee table purchased at Queen Street Jalan. W.
Under the coffee table is an antique wooden box.
Another suitcase acts as a side table next to one of the sofas.
There are two wall units: one is mainly a bookcase and the other is an old, smaller wardrobe
Hide the style of the double door of the stereo device.
The two show Asia-themed knick-knacks.
Color and blackand-
The white photos taken by Gosse were shown as art throughout the house.
The favorite hanging in the living room is the Weston restaurant, which includes the art black restaurant. and-
He shaved a white picture of his brother\'s head.
\"There is a big picture on the sofa,\" Weston said . \".
\"This is a graffiti on the wall taken in Toronto.
This is my favorite.
\"My brother\'s girlfriend has been working on artwork because she likes to switch and it breaks my heart because I\'m too attached to the pictures on the wall and I let her put them back
She took pictures of the graffiti and killed me.
In this photo, you can see someone writing \"It\'s not my night \". \' I love it;
This is Urban Photography.
\"Later this year, the brothers will buy a Victorian three-story building in their beloved West King community.
His plan is to live in an apartment, his brother and Gauss live in another apartment, his mother (
Now living in Eastern Canada)
Finally win third place.
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