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Big Dig facing hurdles on lights

by:Grade     2020-01-24
In any effort to recover damages from California, the state may face significant legal obstacles
Headquartered in Big Dig, the company sold potential defective fixtures to Big Dig, one of which hit Thomas P.
Tunnel last month
The company may no longer exist.
State highway officials sent a letter to NuArt Lighting this week saying they experienced the \"two serious problems of tunnel Lighting\" that NuArt had earlier sold for O\'Neill and other large excavation tunnels as intermediaries1990s.
State officials said they would actively seek compensation for losses if they determined that NuArt\'s lamps were defective.
But officials at the National signal crop.
The current owner of NuArt Lighting said that NuArt purchased the company\'s brand for future use in 2006 and has actually stopped operating.
National signal officials say they have never had business dealings with large mining companies, and their subsidiary NuArt has not sold overhead lighting equipment for tunnels.
\"The national Signal Company is not involved in any aspect of the MIT Central Artery tunnel project because big excavation is officially known,\" the company said in a prepared statement . \".
Jeffrey B, Minister of Transport
Mulan disclosed this week that an 8-foot-
On the morning of February, long lamps fell from the ceiling of O\'Neal tunnel. 8.
Although no vehicle was damaged, the accident triggered an inspection of all 23,000 lights hanging above the tunnel of the large excavation system.
On Wednesday, Mullan reported that the faulty fixture had serious corrosion on the track connected to the ceiling.
He also said about 300 other fixtures showed signs of corrosion.
On that day, state officials sent a letter to NuArt to formally inform them of the problem and ask them to help find a permanent solution.
National signal Corporation
Officials did not deny that a company called NuArt sold lamps to large excavation projects, including the Ted Williams Tunnel, which opened in 1995.
But they say the company is no longer there.
However, state officials said that, if appropriate, the State signal\'s statement would not change their efforts to recover damages from the current owner of NuArt.
\"This has not changed in any way our approach to reviewing the problem of light corrosion in tunnels.
\"We will continue to review and actively seek all available remedies,\" said Joseph landocophy, assistant minister of transport . \".
The debate about responsibility took place one day after Governor Deval Patrick, Mullan\'s boss, came back from two months later.
The week\'s trade mission and addressed his concerns about not being told about issues related to big mining security.
Patrick expressed confidence in Mullan, but he accused the minister of transport of not telling the public earlier, especially considering that the collapse of the 2006-meter large excavation tunnel ceiling resulted in the death of a woman.
\"It\'s like it\'s for me to be for you and the public, and I wasn\'t told about it until six weeks after the lights fell,\" Patrick said at a press conference . \".
\"The concern is that we all have a higher sensitivity after the ceiling tiles collapsed a few years ago, and I think the secretary has acknowledged that the right thing to do is to inform the public as soon as possible.
\"Mullan is now saying that he was mistaken for information his agency has long withheld about failed fixtures.
Yesterday, he posted a message on the Ministry of Transport\'s blog reminding them of their responsibility to the public: \"This week, he wrote:\" I was once again reminded of the importance of the decisions we make every day, and public attention to these decisions. \".
\"I also know very well that as the Minister of Transport and the CEO of DOT, I am ultimately responsible for what is going on in this organization.
That\'s why we all understand our mission and our responsibility to the public is so important to me.
When there are lights in one of our tunnels, the public should know.
\"Scott Allen can be reached at Allen @ globe. com.
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