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Big Dig needs $54m light fix

by:Grade     2020-01-24
The state\'s top highway official said it was necessary to replace all lamps in large excavation tunnels, the $54 million effort necessary to design or manufacture defects that lead to dangerous corrosion.
The project, which is expected to start next year, will lead to frequent lane closures in the tunnel for up to two years, a headache for motorists.
The work will be done mainly at night and traffic will turn to ground roads.
Because a light fixture landed on the North Lane of Thomas P. O’Neill Jr.
In the tunnel on February 2011, engineers temporarily put 8-
Lamps in 7 feet.
5 mile tunnel system with plastic tie belt.
Now, after a year of research, Frank DePaula, the state\'s highway administrator, recommends a thorough overhaul, the most expensive of several alternatives.
\"The preferred alternative is a complete alternative,\" DePaola told the MIT Department of Transport Board on Wednesday . \".
\"The existing fixtures continue to be corroded,\" he said . \".
\"We may have more events.
For this reason, I think it would be better for us to remove the fixtures.
\"All we need to do is do it,\" added Richard . \".
David, the state transport minister and boss of DePaula, agreed it was a safety issue.
DePaola said that while replacement projects will be expensive, the new fixtures offer long-term savings in terms of energy efficiency.
The more energy he says
The price of high efficiency LED lights is expected to be $2.
Electricity charges are 5 million less than current fluorescent lamps.
He also said that the new fixtures will not be affected by moisture that clearly results in corrosion of existing fixtures.
The New Light housing will be a sealed plastic fixture, not an assembly of removable components that need to be maintained.
When the new light goes out, the whole fixture will be replaced, he said.
The funds for the overhaul are expected to be withdrawn from the maintenance fund established in 2008, the fund of income from and large mining contractor Bechtel/Parsons brinckerhoff and other people of nearly 0. 5 billion beauty yuan 15 billion beauty yuan of project from leaking to 2006 deadly of ceiling collapse, these problems have been plaguing the United States.
However, the plan must be approved by the transportation commission before the country starts the project.
In addition, the federal government must approve the use of a large excavation settlement fund for light replacement projects.
Transport officials are still not sure who should be responsible for the corrosion, which weakens a fixture, causing it to drop and causing severe damage to dozens of people, DePaola said.
They initially focused on the company that makes electric lights in NuArt, California, but the company was acquired by another company and stopped production a few years ago.
\"We are working with our lawyers and engineering consultants to determine responsibility,\" DePaola said . \" He added, \"You can\'t get damages from companies that are out of business.
\"If the state is able to recover damages, the money will be used to supplement the maintenance fund, which currently has a balance of about $0. 393 billion,\" he said.
Traffic officials said that if the lighting plan is approved as expected, the closure of the tunnel associated with the overhaul could begin in about a year.
The staff will close the north or south of the O\'Neal tunnel at 11. m.
And reopen it at 6. m.
The Ted Williams and Interstate 90 connector tunnels also need to be closed.
However, transport officials say this closure has already started at the O\'Neal tunnel for cleaning and other maintenance and will last for about a year.
Wednesday\'s statement marked a turbulent year in the history of the Big Dig, as water problems in the tunnels forced several state senior transportation officials to resign.
According to the Global Times report last year, Helmut Ernst, chief engineer of the Big Dig company, wrote in a memo to his boss that constant water leakage in the tunnel can cause safety problems, at least $0. 15 billion in damage, including damage to the corroded electrical system and flooded vents, and even the huge steel bars that support the O\'Neal tunnel.
Ernst wrote in the memo that \"leakage contributes a lot to the wet-Corroded Tunnel Environment\", especially when combined with road salt.
But Ernst & Young believes that falling light is caused by a bigger problem: salty groundwater that permeates through cracks and other openings in the tunnel.
However, Ernst & Young was fired in August after Mr. Ernst & Young publicly stated that large excavation engineers were trying to avoid a written discussion about the problems in the tunnel.
In fact, Ernst & Young\'s team of engineers did not submit any reports after the fixture failed.
On Wednesday, DePaola admitted the leak was a continuing and permanent issue.
\"We continue to work hard to resolve the leak,\" DePaola said . \".
\"I think we are slowly reducing the amount of leakage in the tunnel, but there will always be some penetration.
We will always deal with the problem of sealing leaks.
Eric Moskowitz, a global employee, contributed to the report. Sean P.
Murphy smurphy @ can be reached. com.
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