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big dig tragedy - video review shows difficulty installing ceiling panels

by:Grade     2020-01-04
I sat in my production suite and made a dvd from the big digging video of the tunnel construction, watching people without safety helmets hang the ceiling in the Ted Williams Tunnel.
They shook hands with a Bechtel supervisor who dropped by and ignored the apparent OSHA violation.
I can\'t help but wonder what other safety measures have been overlooked in the comfort friendship between the project manager and the contractor\'s on-site supervisor. Half-
Tons of ceiling panels made of porcelain-covered concrete are lowered to the tunnel below the port via a crane.
The 4x10 panel is fixed together by a steel mesh that holds the manual bolts to the steel bars suspended from the top of the tunnel.
They look light compared to the panels that fall in order to crush Milena Del Valle.
The steel bar appears to hang on the bracket where the bolt is fixed on the upper concrete ceiling.
The heavy panels are raised in place by the machine.
In earlier investigations, it has been determined that at least one of these ceiling sections of the Ted Williams Tunnel must be replaced before more deaths occur.
In order to achieve a reasonable level of safety, more work needs to be done on the large-scale toll road connector tunnel. Next tape.
I can see the density of the steel bars in the connector tunnel, notice the words \"Oriental boundary\" hanging on the beam in the driveway, on the driveway, Milena Del Valle on the avoidable
From the last two tapes, it was clear to me that the project manager stubbornly decided to use the ceiling, which, although the contractor warned about the design and the ceiling was too heavy, could cost her life last month.
On the screen, the Ironmen tightened the steel bars without mercy.
More obviously, why is it cumbersome to hang 2-
12-ton ceiling
The arrangement of the ton grid will be frustrating.
Trying to drill the holes clean, fixing the bolts to the ceiling with epoxy is tricky and the drill bit is repeatedly thwarted by the steel bars.
The steel bars are connected together by dense streams inside the concrete structure.
In a long camera shot, it looks like a solid green ocean, 3 or 4 inch between vertical and horizontal bars forming a clear green grid wall that looks strange
Tape move to off-
The face of the worker.
I speculate that when trying to lift a drill bit that is heavy enough to drill holes for each bolt, it must be very frustrating to use a concrete drill bit and dust on the top of the work that falls off your face.
Drill into the steel bar again, even if the hole is not 100% concrete, it is easy to insert the bolt with epoxy resin, do not understand that the epoxy resin will not be combined with the steel bar.
I can imagine one of these workers thinking that no one would know the difference if he didn\'t try to make a clean hole again an inch away.
Late at night, working in a cold lonely tunnel where the light is so dim, staring at a concrete hole to see if it\'s clean, too hard for almost anyone.
Maybe one of the workers I was watching decided to show to a friend who was in charge of heating the epoxy that the holes drilled into the reinforcement only went through the concrete.
Maybe today he is worried that someone will ask him this question.
I do have a few questions to ask people who hang the ceiling.
Did you wipe the sweat dripping on your face with the shirt sleeves on your shoulders on the hot morning of early summer?
Do you remember how your skin feels cracked when sweat and concrete pieces are mixed together?
When your arm is sore from the overhead impact drill, does your throat tighten because of the pungent smell of broken cement?
This must make it easier for your decision to prove correct.
Every time the drill bit screams into rebar, bathe your bare arm outside of a thick working glove, sparks bite your skin and burn the hair under your helmet, it\'s definitely easier to ignore the instructions to get a clean hole.
I can understand if you signal another worker to insert epoxy.
I don\'t forgive it, but I can understand it.
I imagine what you think when you can\'t sleep at night, although the amount of drinks should drown out the sound in your mind.
What does the project manager expect?
You tell them twice that this epoxy doesn\'t work and they look at you like you must be lazy, crazy, throwing rocks or worse.
Or you close your mouth so that the official engineer wearing a tie and safety helmet with a clip board and a clean aftershave smell will give you some overtime hours for the kids you need.
However, despite the indication of epoxy, this is not an excuse to continue.
You know who you are. it\'s time to stand up.
Yes, I know what happened to Keaveney and his memo.
No one is talking about repentance or heroism.
If you need to, tell the media anonymously that anything about the big dig you know is not doing well.
It was done now at the beginning of the federal investigation.
After all, this may be the person you loved in the tunnel last month or your future family.
According to this week\'s report from The Boston Globe, in early 1990, the contract design team for the connector tunnel was mistakenly told that the ceiling would be a lighter-weight design used in the Ted Williams Tunnel.
Later, when the design turned into a very heavy concrete panel, the design company warned the project manager.
In addition to the designer\'s warning and contractor\'s complaint about the weight of the design selected for the tunnel ceiling panel, the CA/T project manager continues to use heavier concrete slabs to save money!
The decision was the final decision of politicians and engineers who ended up spending $14.
Projects initially estimated at $2 were 8 billion or more. 3 billion.
While not in line with the Union\'s stated quality of work, it is easier to understand the neglect of concrete workers in finding clean loopholes than the project manager and engineer\'s blatant contempt for public safety, they are repeatedly warned of this potential structural failure.
What is an excuse?
Trying to pay for yourself and keeping the cost of the project in line with the budget is this the bead of sweat?
Is it their latest signing bonus that choked another brother\'s throat? in-
Law without white-collar work experience?
Do they have pain in their arms when signing checks for themselves and their friends?
Member of joint venture (
Country & Bechtel/Parson Brinkerhoff)
Information indicates that the tunnel ceiling design may not be safe after safety testing of bolts in 1994.
It is reported that there are problems with bolts in the east and west lanes.
The response of at least one project director was that further load tests were ordered only on high-occupancy vehicle lanes.
High occupancy vehicle lane bolts are tested well under load where the ceiling weight is doubled.
The officials then chose the way to deal with many issues in Boston and they looked after themselves and ignored others.
According to a report from The Boston Globe on August 16, project managers and MBTA employees were given privileges.
The project manager and staff of the Massachusetts toll road administration are given a special identity to travel on high occupancy lanes at any time.
This is the only lane to test ceiling safety and it is safe to display in the connector tunnel.
Where is the moral rage in Boston?
When the political privileged class carefully checks the six Walsh employees who actually installed ceiling bolts on the collapsed panel, do they have any idea about this despicable behavior?
Let me have a rest.
Project managers and engineers who did not notice the warning should now be put in prison.
Attorney General Tom Riley was busy covering up his own neglect of the Bechtel proceedings, while calculating the campaign contributions made by Bechtel and the project manager during his campaign for governor to complete his work.
The next governor of the federation has a very big job, a different kind of Big Dig.
In about 40 years or so, it will be a difficult task to eradicate the paradise of asylum.
Public authorities. These semi-
Private institutions receive funds from the Federation but have no responsibility or accountability for the people of the state.
Mitt Romney has barely helped the state in the last three years, and we have yet to see if the new leader he has appointed on the toll roads can really achieve anything.
If he really wants to show some leadership, he will be in every position.
Before he went to run for president, the federal public authority.
In fact, cleaning up patrons and getting rid of partner deals between the government and contractors is a good practice for the next White House occupant, whoever gets the job.
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