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Blue Tape Removal

by:Grade     2020-03-15

Painter \\\'s blue tape is an excellent masking tape with mild adhesion that can be cleaned and removed after finishing the painting work.The trick to remove the blue tape is very simple, provided you are moderate in speed and handle dry paint.The painter\'s tape is the same as the blue one.This is the first time 3 m Scotch whisky has been introduced in the market, this less sticky blue Scotch whiskyColor masking tape was developed for use in painting works.Now, in addition to artificial, lacquer and other delicate finishes, blue tape of different sizes is used to protect any type of surface.Home projects like paint, paint and dyeing involve the application of this tape to get the result of cleaning.It falls off smoothly and does not leave adhesive on the surface.Made of medium adhesion, the blue tape is perfect for protecting recently painted walls, metal, decorative and glass-wood surfaces.Unlike other masking tape brands sold on the market, this tape has weak adhesion and its performance is less affected by sunlight.Even if it is left on the wall for more than 2 weeks, it can be successfully removed without damaging the wall or leaving any residue.When using this tape for painting or other home improvement items, please follow the manufacturer\'s application instructions.This tape is ideal for masking dry, smooth and hard surfaces.Any irregular dents or bumps should be correctly leveled before application.A simple step is to try out this tape in an inconspicuous place and check the adhesion.In addition, work in small length, do not stretch the tape during application.Here are a few steps to remove this tape from the wall.It is best to remove masking tape during the day.When pulling off early in the morning, low temperatures may increase the crispness, resulting in frequent breaks.At very hot temperatures, it is possible for you to stretch it and transfer the adhesive to the wall.Let the paint dry completely before you remove the tape from the wall.If you are trying to pull the paint while it is still wet or wet, it is likely to stain clean lines.Check its actual drying time, please refer to the paint container.Most brands of waterproof coatings require 1-2 hours to dry.You can touch the paint gently with your fingers to check if it is dry.If it\'s sticky, wait another half an hour to check again.After the paint is dry, you can start by actually removing the tape.Try to locate the edge of it and raise it with one hand.Pull a little tape and fold it up, preferably at a 45 ° angle.Continue to pull the tape with one hand and guide the direction of the tape with the other hand for smooth disassembly.If you notice any adhesion residue left on the wall, pull the tape vertically (90 °) to the painted surface.Maintaining a steady speed is also important for successful tape removal.Pulling the tape too slowly may leave the adhesive, and stripping the tape with bumps may cause tearing.Finally, collect the used adhesive tape in the plastic bag and handle it properly.If it is not done, it may stick to other surfaces and transfer the adhesive that is not needed.For satisfactory results, it is best to remove the blue tape within 14 days of application.You can peel it off after that, but the surface may leave traces of the adhesive.In this case, you may need another treatment to remove the adhesive.Therefore, in order to avoid extra work, it is better to remove the tape immediately after the paint is dry.
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