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brass lamps dazzle visitors at expo

by:Grade     2020-05-14
From 500mm \"thundamani\" lights to 6 feet Malabar lights
The style lights, the ongoing exhibition at the poompuuhar showroom in Singarathope, showcase a wide range of brass lamps.
Among the 25 lamps and religious supplies made of brass, in addition to the common Swan and parrot patterns, there are gods images including Ganesha, Gajalakshmi and PanchalingaThe five-
\"Special nagas\" lamp with high feet with Swan pattern and \"vinayagar nagas\" lamp;
The \"double taqazi\" lamp with a height of 3 feet and the \"Manara deep\" lamp with a height of 48 cm;
Layered lights with a height of 18 inch and parrot hanging lights with a height of 18 inch;
The one-liter \"thundamani\" lamp and the traditional \"agal\" lamp are some of the main highlights of the series of brass lamps displayed.
In addition to rows of glittering brass lamps, the exhibition displays a range of brass decorative items, as well as a variety of hand-crafted collections from inside and outside Tamil Nadu.
Decorative brass wall panels, baskets and puja items from Moradabad;
The statue of \"Panchaloha\", Thanjavur art board and paintings, handmade Sari, bedspread and Kashmir shawls are some popular displays.
In addition to this, the regular products of the showroom include gems, pearl necklaces, handicrafts made of alloy metal, candles and various gifts.
The exhibition lasted until June 16, with handicrafts worth Rs on display.
Open 20 lakhs per day (except Sundays)
Ten o\'clock A. M. to eight o\'clock P. M.
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