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Brighten up room by painting out the wood

by:Grade     2020-04-17
Q: We need an elevator in our living room.
This is not a very attractive room, so there is not much use other than entertainment.
The room was very dark with dark cedar ceilings and paneled walls, navy blue carpets and small windows facing the North.
I plan to replace the old traditional furniture decorated with blue fabric.
I hope everything will have a brighter color.
I recently added cream-colored window care and would like to continue using this feature in the living room as well as in the adjacent dining room.
I hope you can help me solve my dilemma!
A: Natural Light has always been A cherished element in the indoor space.
Obviously, it is not possible to always install windows or increase the size of existing windows, but sometimes the amount of light entering the space can be increased by modifying the external landscape.
The solution may be to remove the trees or hedges from the windows.
If your house has an ultra-wide stand out, you can install a skylight directly in the window area.
A solid front door can be replaced with a front door with a translucent glass panel, or a window part can be installed into an existing door.
If none of these options are feasible and you can\'t change the amount of sunlight that goes into the space, you can usually brighten the room by using the color.
Most of the colors of your current room are blue, but since this is the room facing north, you should try to minimize the colder colors of blue, the shades of green and purple, as these shades will intensify, it will make the space feel colder.
Consider incorporating warm shades of red, orange and yellow into the decor.
First of all, I would suggest painting the walls in bright golden tones, including cedar wood walls, to add color to the room.
While many people feel that painting wood is blasphemy, I am sure it will be the most dramatic change in creating a brighter environment.
Because this is a more formal room, the color of the furniture is lighter.
Take clues from your new window treatments, choose the interior decoration color with cream tones as the basis, and highlight the room in the red palette.
Use contrast textures to generate interest: if the curtains are made in detail, use thicker weaving in interior decoration (or vice versa)
To create diversity and visual interest in space. •Reddish-
Brown tones can be introduced into the room through lamps and pottery, which you can repeat in pillows and other accent items.
For a completely consistent look, you can use the red tones in the wood furniture you purchased by choosing cherry or red mahogany.
Paint the cedar ceiling in a bright white shade.
Since the front door leads directly to your living room, I designed a layout that divides the space into two separate areas: a seating area around the fireplace and a reception area leading from the front door to the restaurant downstairs.
In the living room, sitting next to the fireplace, a large wing back chair closest to the window will be a comfortable place to read, or as part of a conversation arrangement with the new sofa and love seat.
There should be some sort of table with a mirror in the reception area, but this can easily be a Victorian style hanger or a light closet.
A sofa table behind three people-
The seat sofa allows you to maintain the level surface required for keys and small packages.
David Ferguson is a regular contributor to radio CBC Ontario today.
To David: Ferguson @ creativespaceonline. com
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