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brighten your room with these stylish table lamps for any budget

by:Grade     2020-05-12
Emily Clark wrote a design blog.
About how to create a simple, affordable home interior.
Bhg is a regular contributor to the garden and garden sites.
Com, she said that none of her rooms at home were complete before she added one or more lights.
By supplementing overhead lighting, the desk lamps can make the space feel more comfortable and comfortable, she says, and they are a great statement on the table or console.
This is her selection.
Splurge: Emory lamp in White County (serenaandlily. com ), left.
Save: between rock white desk lamps (landofnod. com ).
Splurge: Milo Dome mission light (jaysonhome. com ), left.
Save: Lavina soft
Lamp tables brass and marble (lampsplus. com ).
Splurge: salvage the floating wood table lamp (
Restore hardware. com ), left;
Save: floating wood table lamp (wayfair. com ).
Splurge: Javier 29-
Inch table light (dwellstudio. com ), left. SAVE: Gold-
The obelisk of the lamp table leaf (lampsplus. com ).
Rhetoric: white corrugated glass table lamp (horchow. com ), left. SAVE: 30½ -inch Mae long-
Light gray neck ceramic desk lamp (overstock. com ).
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