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California Look: Outdoor lamps by Kindle Living, Linda Allen

by:Grade     2020-05-06
California appearance survey Round 2: Outdoor Lighting outdoor rooms can be as well equipped as indoor rooms, thanks in part to advances in lighting technology.
As part of both of us.
To help define the California look of 2011, we first asked for your opinion on the terrace growers.
Today, we ask: Which of these two outdoor fixtures born in California will brighten your eyes?
The nominee is. . . A.
L flow BeaconA. -
Kindle live is on the left.
The company redesigned the look of the propane patio heater and introduced a model with a battery
Operating luminous base, featuring LA.
Back home in January 2010.
In our contest, we nominated the Kindle live Designer Arturo fi\'larger-than-
Life lumens, plug
A Skywell lamp made of a plastic mixture (some recycled)
It has six standard bulbs and is over 7 feet tall. B.
The Corra desk lamp is part of the Live collection of interior designer Linda Allen. Anywhere. Using a patent-pending 8-watt LED (
55-watt bulb), the 32-inch-
Tall lamps are made of rotating aluminum and resin with decorative sun diffuser and laminated curtains for indoor and outdoor use.
Allen\'s design is wireless, powered by a battery, and can last 140 hours at the lowest of the three dimmer settings.
Do you like it?
Illuminate us with your vote below.
Voting for this category will end in three days, so share your views now on why your choice captures the spirit of home and garden design today.
An upcoming article will cover the award-winning design and reader reviews.
Which outdoor light is the appearance of 2011?
Wednesday: indoor-Outdoor fabric.
In addition: California appearance: 1951 inspiration for 2011 California appearance competition-David A.
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