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capiz shell chandelier: the beauty of the seven seas right in your own home

by:Grade     2020-08-05
For a while, we only saw the chandeliers as huge crystals and glass --
Decorative lighting equipment made of wood, wrought iron, bronze and brass.
However, Filipino craftsmen have broken this belief by using materials harvested from the waters around the Philippines to create an elegant lighting device.
The name of this fixture is the Capiz Shell chandelier.
Many chandelier enthusiasts say Capiz Shell chandeliers are like having a beach in their own home, just because the main decoration of the lamps is made of shells.
Common materials for making this chandelier include window glass oysters and mother\'s shellof-
Pearls, harvested by the town of kapizi craftsmen from the shallow coast around the island of panai.
In order for the Capiz Shell chandelier to be considered authentic, it should be made entirely with the Capiz Shell (
Or mixed with other Philippine seas-
Derivative materials).
Even if many people who bought the chandelier already think its price is reasonable, those who can\'t afford to buy the chandelier with a meager budget will still buy the imitation Capiz chandelier with a shell --
PVC molded parts for decoration.
However, these imitation chandeliers cannot replicate the soft translucent nature of the paper thin Capiz housing, making the Capiz chandelier a true oneof-a-
Lighting equipment.
In fact, those with one or two chandeliers claim that its bright light is very similar to the warm red at sunset on the ocean horizon.
A simple online search will give you an idea of the many styles of the Capiz Shell chandelier.
To help narrow down your options, always consider your personal taste, the amount of light needed in the room, and the interior decor and furniture in your current room.
To create a relaxing beachfront atmosphere, choose a modern, minimalist chandelier.
On the other hand, if you want to turn your room into a tropical paradise, go to multipleLayered or layered
Armed chandelier.
Capiz Shell chandeliers are not only a feast for the eyes, but also a pleasure for the ears, as they make subtle jingles under the breeze.
While most chandeliers are assembled in brass or copper wiring, on these chandeliers there are a variety of decorations tied to the frame with fishing lines.
Since the inventory of Capiz Shell chandeliers is likely to run out quickly at your favorite online retail store due to high demand, please make sure you order your own chandelier today!
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