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ces-factbox-new products at the consumer electronics show

by:Grade     2020-07-30
Here is a series of new products to be launched at the Consumer Electronics Show next week: * quartic\'s PC-2-
TV chips enable consumers to choose to send videos wirelessly from their PCs to monitors such as TVs, portable video players, and mobile phones.
* Infinity Systems presents eco-friendly speaker materials and technologies, including recyclable, complementary and biodegradable materials that are being evaluated as speaker housing, components and finishes.
* ARC Wireless SolutionsARCS.
OB offers an antenna that can be placed on a dashboard or kitchen counter to extend the coverage of your phone.
* A new Ojo Video phone called Ojo travel.
* WildCharge shows a way to charge all mobile devices by simply putting them on a pad similar to a mouse pad. * Philips (PHG. AS)
The new product is called MediaHedge.
A system that can automatically detect copyrighted video materials to keep them away from the site.
It identifies short video sequences through video fingerprintstechnology.
* Sandio Technology has a computer mouse called \"Game O\" that moves forward, backwards, sideways, jumps, squats, pitches, yaws and without using the keyboard
* ArbCom, a leader in wireless location services, has developed a technology that allows emergency vehicles to automatically change traffic lights. * Mitek Corp.
Soundolier has introduced dual wireless speaker lights, a full range of speakers hidden in torchier floor lamps designed to serve as surround speakers for home theater.
* Panasonic has new battery innovations, including new and improved alkaline batteries, introduced rechargeable batteries and made major upgrades to the Oxyride brand.
It aims to be number one.
Battery manufacturers.
* MOD Systems shows a booth that can safely burn movie DVDs in the store and distribute them to wireless devices.
* Planet82 demo complete-
Color Imaging Sensors for high resolution digital images or videos using nanotechnology-
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