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chandelier basics. versatile elegance with a variety of ...

by:Grade     2020-08-06

One of my favorite topics is the chandelier because of its history as a lighting method used before the 16 th century.The earliest chandelier is very basic, almost primitive, and it includes two pieces of wood that are connected together to form a cross.Insert a nail at each end to fix the candle, attach a rope or chain to the horizontal gear, and then hang it from the ceiling.As a former antique businessman, I found that almost all the earliest chandeliers were destroyed and there are still no real examples of them today.The chandelier reappeared in the 18 th and 19 th centuries and was found in the great palaces of Europe and America.They soon began to enter some of the more expensive mansions and private residences in the country and abroad, and have been there since then.The industrial revolution powered the mass production of this once-unique lighting device, and today the chandeliers can be found in many homes and any room of these families.One of the main attractions of the chandelier is the drama it creates.It automatically adds personality and some luxurious atmosphere to the original normal room.One of the attractive features of today\'s chandelier is its versatility.The kitchen can be converted into a highClass dining area with right chandelier.The installation of the chandelier allows for an elegant atmosphere in a large bathroom.Some homeowners even use chandeliers in the master bedroom, giving a special feeling.The chandelier has a variety of styles and shapes that can be made from a variety of materials.While the most common chandelier is made of crystals, there are also artificial candles and other types of lighting.One of the best ways to find the chandelier that best complements the style and size of your decor is to go online and see what\'s there.Keep in mind that the chandelier usually catches the attention of visitors immediately, so it should fit into the basic decor of your home.The right size is crucial.For the space it occupies, a large chandelier will overwhelm the room and may even bring claustrophobic to visitors.On the other hand, the chandelier, which is too small for the room, does not look appropriate regardless of its style.While most chandeliers can easily illuminate the entire room, the result is often a rough or original look.Many decorators prefer matching wall lights and install chandeliers and wall lights on dimmers so that the proper light balance can be achieved.Keep in mind that the chandelier and elegance are conceptually consistent.In fact, many people think the chandelier is a work of art.Here are some practical considerations to keep in mind when looking for and finally installing the chandelier.Sketch of Room including size.From the scale of the size of the chandelier to the room where the chandelier is installed, consider its size.Some people fell in love with a special chandelier, bought and installed it and found it just couldn\'t work at all.This is usually the result of improper size.If you\'re going to hang your own chandelier, it\'s important to remember some important considerations.Most chandeliers are much heavier than the ones they are replacing.A typical fixture is installed in an electric box that is fixed to one side of the ceiling beam.This usually provides enough support for the fixture.On the other hand, the chandelier usually needs more support.One option is to remove the existing fixtures and electrical boxes.A scalable fan bracket is then installed so that it can be tightly mounted between the two ceiling support beams.The most common use for installing heavy-duty ceiling fans is fan brackets.Once the bracket is expanded to fit tightly between the pallet, connect it according to the instructions attached to the pallet, and then tie a new battery box to the center of the bracket.Supports supported by two ceiling beams will support a considerable weight (up to 150 or more ).Connect the chandelier to the new electric box and you can see the results.Also, keep in mind that this is notperson job.The chandeliers or chandeliers you install in your home can change the look and feel of the room where they are installed, and in fact provide a new and elegant feeling for the whole family.
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