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chandeliers - how to know what\'s best for your space

by:Grade     2020-08-04
Deciding what chandeliers to put in your home should be a very important decision and you need to spend quite a bit of time making it.
The chandeliers are not only an expensive proposal, but also components that will have a significant impact on the overall look of the room to which they will be installed.
So, before you buy these chandeliers with your credit card, make sure you know what you get and what will work in your existing space.
Consider the size of your space.
The chandelier needs to be framed in the room and has the space it should have.
If you choose the chandelier of a small room, it will look awkward.
At the same time, if you choose a small chandelier in a large room, it looks insignificant and does not get the respect it deserves.
If you find yourself in a position where you think you have to choose a chandelier that is too big for the room or too small for the room, go to the larger chandelier.
It\'s better to have something in the room that looks more magical than something that looks sad in the room.
When considering what size chandelier to put in the room, there is a general rule of thumb.
Measure the room (i. e. 15\' x 15\')
And add these two measurements (15 = 15 = 30).
This is the measurement that your chandelier should fit in the diameter of the room (in inches --30 inches.
The size is related not only to the room where you put the chandelier, but also to the furniture chandelier.
If you hang a chandelier in a bar or dining table, you need to make sure that the furniture, especially the gorgeous furniture, will not make the appearance of the chandelier too exaggerated, the chandelier is not so gorgeous, so much so that they make a nice piece of furniture look less impressive.
The rule of thumb for restaurant pairing is that the diameter of the chandelier is less than the width of the table 12 \".
It should also be set for about 2 Pax-
Above the Desktop 3 feet.
Next, make sure there is the top space needed for the chandelier in the room.
How high is the room where you want the chandelier?
This is especially important if the chandelier hangs where people walk.
While you may not be tall, the chandelier can be a painful offer if you have friends like this.
Not to mention, they run into the chandelier to damage this beautiful light.
Also, if the chandelier hangs too low, it looks weird and the lights in the room can get blurry.
The exception is if you consider hanging a chandelier on the table.
In this case, the chandelier can hang a little lower as people sit down when using space.
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