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cleaning tips for your crystal chandeliers

by:Grade     2020-08-10
Crystal chandeliers undoubtedly offer a touch of elegance to any room in the house.
Although they are stylish in appearance, they may end up being eye nails without proper maintenance.
Also, due to all the accumulated dirt, the lighting will not work as well as you think.
The task of cleaning and polishing the crystal chandelier seems daunting for several obvious reasons.
First, they are usually installed on top.
Rich people who live in luxury houses are usually in super-
High ceiling and Middle
Class houses usually have lower ceilings.
The second most likely reason is that these fixtures are fragile and often expensive.
So isn\'t that more of a reason to clean up the crystal chandelier properly?
Instead of delaying regular maintenance over and over again, try to clean it yourself.
It\'s actually easy if you only know how to do it.
There are two ways to continue cleaning the crystal chandelier.
You can choose between quick cleaning and thorough cleaning.
But before you start decorating the central building in your home, you should at least make sure you have a spare light source first.
In addition, make sure the power of the chandelier is off to avoid electric shock. Quick-And-
This method works for people who don\'t have that much time to clean the chandelier.
Still, this is a great way to keep the boat-shaped look of the crystal chandelier, without a lot of effort.
First, cover the bulb with a sandwich bag before entering the cleaning section.
Next, you need to place a rag under the chandelier to avoid wet the floor with liquid.
You can also use the old newspaper if you have it.
For the main part of the housework, you can use the glass cleaner you like, just spray, spray.
You don\'t actually need to scrub crystal pieces or remove any parts.
From this point on, all you need to do is let the liquid drip down and wait for the chandelier to dry up completely.
Crystal chandeliers need thorough cleaning from time to time, not just quick cleaning.
Fortunately, you can take advantage of this practical guide on how to complete the task.
First, take out the bulb and put it for a while.
Then lay a folded cloth on the bottom of half a plate
Filled with warm water.
Put in a proper amount of detergent powder and up s to form soap.
After that, fill another pot with hot rinse water.
Don\'t forget to put a layer of cloth on the bottom of the pan to prevent broken fine glass.
Then, add a few drops of ammonia to increase the spark.
Remove a few pieces of crystal drops and tea tray at a time.
Then soak them in the sudsy water you prepared before.
Rinse and dry the parts.
Put them back where they should go and remove the rest of the chandelier.
Repeat the cleaning process until the whole piece is spotless.
Wipe the arm of the chandelier with a cloth soaked and squeezed out soapy water.
To finish, gently clean and rinse the bulbs you previously stored.
Then shoot them dry and put them back in the socket.
So you see, the maintenance of the crystal chandelier is not so difficult after all.
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