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Colin and Justin: The art of decorative illusion

by:Grade     2020-03-24
Space elasticity and art of decorative illusion
We consider ourselves masters of these two techniques.
As a matter of fact, with a little imagination, almost anything (in our hands)is possible;
Dark rooms can be illuminated, narrow spaces can be widened, and even the smallest rooms can be mesmerized by Scottish spells and Highland alchemy.
Well planned, it is also possible to squeeze a few features into a small room, but the secret is to learn how to assemble everything visually smothering your space. Worry not;
We all have the answers.
Partition and multiple
Aim the room and try to keep the function clear.
Try using furniture (
Open shelves, for example)
Paint the space, create the area within the area if you can.
It is also good to establish a \"visual barrier\" to divide each area;
For example, a low sideboard with lights on both sides looks like a \"fence\" between areas, as does decorative screens, fabric panels, tall plants and even a sculpture base.
One for all, one for many
The task room with a single design identity will create harmony;
Use Complementary colors and use accessories with visual connections.
For example, a table and a coffee table (
When in different areas)
If built with matching wood, it will be connected.
Similarly, the learning area feature wall may be everything you need to \"combine\" perfectly with the same hue, this time as an interior decoration detail connecting the lounge.
Flexible use of \"smart\" parts;
A sofa folded into a bed, a coffee table rising to a table, or a padded footpad with a removable top, can be used as a toy box or as an extra seat.
If an office is found in the bedroom, consider turning part of the wardrobe into a dedicated workstation instead of simply putting the table at the bottom of the bed.
Hire a carpenter to build a la.
Shelves that can be put down neatly as needed to create the perfect workplace or sewing corner.
Tip: act cautiously;
Avoid obvious \"office\" lighting and adopt a softer, more homely approach.
Small-scale thinking with smaller items leaves breathing space, so your room will look more efficient.
To maximize space, change your PC to a slim laptop that can be easily stored, choose a compact sofa and chair instead of a large squashy chesterfield, and look for items that can be folded when not in use.
Our top 10 small space solutions.
Foot mats: Seats, storage or coffee tables are combined. 2.
Laptop: small size, large function. 3. Drop-
Dining Table: two different purposes different from one piece. 4.
Kitchen Storage desk: for example, the kitchen table and baking tray can be carefully placed in the kitchen seat. 5.
Sofa bed or wall bed: you can stay in the room in a few minutes without having to provide a spare room. 6.
Coffee table with stashable stool: seats can be added when you need it. 7.
Scalable dining table: Entertainment/office space at the bend of the flap. 8.
Coffee tables with drawers or shelves: a stylish way to introduce additional surfaces and additional storage space in bargains. 9.
Armoires: Ue as a home office, media center or closet.
The bedroom office is particularly good;
The pin sleeve on the inside of the door can store documents and documents. 10.
Do we need to say more?
The \"800\" launched before the recent launch with HomeSensesquare-
We have created several room vignettes in Toronto, each addressing the problems that are usually faced in more stressful places.
Take it from us.
Rebuilding our inspiring room will not bankrupt the bank.
However, our advice will certainly help to maximize the perceived proportion of petite palaces.
Thin here. . .
The channel is usually very small and lacks purpose, so we used a double channel.
As an office/corridor hybrid, the furniture on duty and the huge storage space bring this furniture to life.
OK, to maximize our minimal masterpiece, we can paint the walls white, but it can be interesting to push a few boundaries sometimes.
Instead of trying to make small, poor
We decided that the bright space felt brighter.
Use the real logic of \"discover a fault, create a feature)
Let it be filled with dark and mysterious elements.
Of course, the wallpaper is black, but it is far from frustrating due to the sparkling grout line.
Add cheap nickel trim pins to each seam, adding more metal details and quirky edges to the boots.
To add functionality, we specify a console that is small enough to not block the corridor, but large enough to double as a table;
The second shelf makes the laptop invisible when not in use. Givenchy-
Stylish boxes, house cables and office supplies on both sides, although admittedly black, they look brighter than they actually are due to high gloss paint.
To increase flexibility, we use an ottoman with wheels that can be rolled elsewhere (
Extra seats)
When guests arrive
If you open the lid, there is a handy storage room below.
Double bubble, baby, double bubble! A tri-
The space occupied by the layer circular table and the single-
The Surface option, but provides a triple area for storage and accessories.
To further strengthen, we used a short blanket as \"floor art \"--
When we are asked to make a big statement, we usually think sideways.
Every inch is important!
Finally, we specify a large amount of glass and shiny finishes to increase the spark and bounce;
For example, the thick crystal candle table and the statement \"shield\" artwork add to the sense of forbearance, men, and the richness gained suggests that space is more generous than it is.
Small bedrooms are often hard to make big statements, but don\'t worry, even if your nightly real estate is challenged in space, we have all sorts of tricks to zoom in on the drama.
Here, for example, the symmetrical way makes everything feel streamlined and luxurious;
Like a boutique hotel in the distance
Tropical paradise.
We enjoyed our stay here.
The green tone of our bulb lamp and the natural texture of the frame coral \"Ferns\" are effortless foil to ease the Caribbean accent wall;
Every detail has been strictly planned, and each layer only adds luster to the sight of relaxation.
To solve the storage problem, we placed a large wicker blanket box at the bottom of the bed, which is an attachment to the bedroom closet.
It\'s one thing to not see, but it doesn\'t mean to plug things under your box spring, hopefully the best.
Choose boxes and wheel trays like us to encourage a better sense of order
This is very important when the room is tight.
Now go into the \"Fast Forward double task\", a C & J buzz term that means the second part of kit providing its value later.
The wood bedside table shown here is the perfect case at hand;
They are smart and timeless and can easily be incarnated as sofa beds in future homes.
To provide more storage, we put the wicker box on the table
The member base and these create a useful-if temporary —
Change in visual direction
Finally, adding extra layers usually adds comfort, so we pile up a lot of pillows and textures before we stand up and enjoy the fruits of labor.
From a metaphorical point of view, designer oak grew up from a young oak, right?
OK, so your space may be small, but it will be big in our hands. On drama.
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