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communist party shines bright on chinese e-commerce platform with ceiling lights from us$30

by:Grade     2020-01-09
Do you want your home to look more like the Great Hall of the People in Beijing?
Well, soon enough, a series of replica ceiling lamps from one of China\'s top electronics are available
A commercial site with a lower price than a decent steak.
According to the actual design of the famous political building in Tiananmen Square, metal-and-
Plastic accessories are available in a variety of styles and sizes, of which the maximum size is 1. 8 metres (six feet)in diameter.
The classic look features a three-story light in a circular shadow with a fan-shaped edge and five
A sharp Communist star is printed in the smallest center.
Another design includes three layers of red tones, with the smallest red tones printed with a yellow hammer and sickle design.
The price of the lights provided on Taobao is only 207 yuan (US$30)
Become the biggest sale at a price of more than 15,000 yuan.
Taobao is a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, which also owns the South China Morning Post.
The people who buy the product have different reactions to the product.
\"The result is very good,\" one wrote . \".
\"Very atmospheric, simple to install, cheap, value for money.
\"The quality is too bad! ” said another.
\"The paint was wiped off in many places and half of the lights didn\'t even turn on after I installed it!
Like the Capitol in London or the Capitol in Washington, the Great Hall of the people is one of the most important government buildings in China.
It hosted the annual meeting of the national legislature and the highest political advisory body of the Communist Party-collectively referred to as the \"two sessions\"-and the party\'s national congress, held every two years
Duplex lights are not the only Communist party that can be found on Taobao.
Its suppliers offer everything from copies of posters for the Cultural Revolution to flags, badges, hammers and sickle clocks.
For the real Communist Party members, the stronger market for more discerning collectors
Time souvenirs at home and abroad are the most popular in China.
One by one, can sell for tens of thousands or even millions.
This article is the highlight of the Chinese Communist Party in e-commerce.
The $30 ceiling light business platform first appeared on the South China Morning Post to get the latest news from the South China Morning Post to download our mobile app. Copyright 2018.
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