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corrosion blamed as light fixture falls on tobin bridge; officials promise inspection tonight

by:Grade     2020-01-05
State highway workers moved quickly Thursday night to check the lamps on the Tobin Bridge, and earlier in the day a car fell onto the highway.
Officials assured motorists that the route used by thousands of commuters per day was safe.
\"Fortunately, it didn\'t hit the vehicle when it fell,\" said State Highway Administrator Frank depala . \".
Transport officials say the lamps are about 20 years old and will be inspected later this year.
The possible reason, DePaola said, is the corrosion of the fixture bracket.
There are up to 20 such fixtures on the bridge, DePaola said, but according to a visual inspection on Thursday afternoon, no other device appears to be in danger of falling.
State highway workers started a physical examination, about 10 p or so, to check if each lamp is firmly connectedm. Thursday.
\"Any defective lights will be removed immediately,\" DePaola said . \" He added that it would take about $1,000 to replace each fixture.
He said the strong winds from Wednesday\'s storm could weaken the connection between fixtures and overpasses, and that the bridge\'s proximity to salt water could exacerbate corrosion on the brackets.
Officials say the spotlight
The style of fixtures is very different from that of Thomas P falls. O’Neill Jr.
The tunnel in February 2011 triggered an inspection showing the need to replace thousands of defective fixtures in large excavation tunnels.
The state has not disclosed the issue for more than a month.
The falling O\'Neal light fixture is heavier and serves as the main light source for the tunnel.
A spokesman for the Massachusetts Department of Transport, Cyndi Roy, said the smaller lamps on Tobin were used as secondary lighting.
Asked if motorists should feel safe given Thursday\'s slight collapse, DePaola said, \"people should feel confident about [the highway department]is]
Maintain the bridge of the state.
DePaola said the Thursday night check will not affect the commute on Friday morning.
His department intends to release more details about minor glitches on Friday morning. The 2¼-
Built between 1948 and 1950, Mile Tobin departs about 45,000 cars a day from Boston.
However, inbound traffic is much easier
Less than 30,000 cars per day
Because the driver has to pay $3 for the road.
The huge green bridge is considered to be in good condition by National engineers, but is currently undergoing major repairs.
Highway officials have just set foot. year, $44.
The 8 million project is designed to clean and paint Tobin, which will help to protect the steel and prevent rust and solve the problem of old lead paint, Roy said.
To accommodate the construction, a lane is closed in each direction.
Over the next few years, some $40 million in additional deck repairs, sand blasting and painting were made.
DePaola said the construction work had nothing to do with the fixture collapse, which occurred about 1,000 feet from the site.
Like all the bridges owned by the national transport sector, Tobin is inspected every two years, checking structural elements and accessories such as lights, Roy said.
She said it received a clean health list during 2010 inspections.
Tobin is not one of 502 states.
Self-owned bridges, known as structural defects, mean that these bridges are still considered safe, but have deteriorated to the point where repairs are needed to avoid weight restrictions and closures.
In July 2006, when Milena Del Valle, 38, was in Jamaica Plain, the safety of urban road tunnels became a hot spot, when the concrete part of the ceiling of Interstate 90 connector tunnel fell on the car she was riding, she was killed.
In 2008, the Del Valle family received about $28 million in a settlement with the Massachusetts toll roads authority and several large excavation contractors.
On Thursday, DePaola said he was caught off guard by a recent crash.
\"I was surprised to hear a light fixture. . .
He said.
\"I mean, that\'s not what we expect. But we . . .
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