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couple spend £5,000 turning their ordinary dining room into a medieval banquet hall

by:Grade     2020-03-22
A medieval-
The crazy couple spent £ 5,000 to transform their restaurant into a medieval
Themed banquet hall-dinner for friends.
Jayne and Martin Townley moved to four. bedroom semi-
Independent residence in Westonsuper-
Two and a half years ago, Maray, Somerset, decided to twist its own fantasy right away.
Within a few days, they recruited a mural artist to paint the walls of the restaurant, make it like a stone, and use mirrors, arches and real lights from the solemn home to create a real
The couple found the most unique way to celebrate the end of the year-hosting a medieval event --
As a tradition of the year, a style dinner is served on board and slate with hot wine and beer from flagpole and wine glass.
Even better, their 19 guests also wore medieval costumes, crowns, hats and headgear and then posed behind their home, sprayed by an artist --
Make it look like a castle.
Jayne said: \"We all like anything weird or different, but Martin knows more about the reality of this era.
Martin really liked the Crown, the knight, and everything in the Middle Ages, so he was the reason we did it.
\"We had a medieval restaurant in our previous house, but that was mainly props like armor and flags-we didn\'t really paint the wall ceiling until we moved here.
\"I want it to look like a castle, but specifically, it\'s not like a dungeon.
I really like it-we want it to be like a movie set or a museum.
\"We don\'t want it to look cheesy, and we don\'t want it to be just a picture of medieval things, we really want it to\" feel \"medieval, so we even light log fire scented candles.
When most people enter the room, they usually remain silent.
\"They don\'t want our restaurant to be like this because the front of the house is normal so it\'s hidden.
\"People who knew we had a medieval restaurant thought it would be tacky, but that\'s not the case and it was quiet.
They like to sit inside and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of music.
The couple\'s love of the medieval era came from the favorite martial arts hobby of landscape gardener Martin.
Four years ago, Jayne bought him a tournament experience as a birthday present, after which he won the British amateur tournament.
The 49-year-old professional magicians Martin and Jayne also add mysterious doors and magical fantasies to their home.
But they admit that their teenage twins Max and 16-year-old Evie are not particularly interested because they \"eat at the restaurant every day \".
Jayne said: \"We did it for ourselves.
We eat in it every day.
\"People are usually very surprised because you can\'t see it from the outside.
\"Our friends and big family are always very excited to come over, and our neighbors like it, and they always come to visit.
\"I just wanted to do something different than a simple dinner, so I thought cold meat and cheese platter would be more\" delicious \".
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