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create an energy efficient home year-round

by:Grade     2020-01-18
According to the US Environmental Protection Agency,S.
Households spend more than $2,200 a year on energy. related costs.
If you live in an extreme climate area, you know that the number could be much higher.
We have all heard that our house can reduce our monthly utilities.
But what can you do to improve energy efficiency throughout the year?
Whether you\'re in the face of chilling winter, hot summer or a combination of both, there\'s a lot you can do to keep your home comfortable and tame those high-energy bills.
Stopping air leaks and sealing air leaks in your home will greatly help to ensure you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
Did you know that even the smallest leak can cause a loss of warm air or cold air of 15 to 35%?
Check unwanted airflow by placing a lit candle near some of the public entrance points around the house, such as windows, door frames, dryer vents, baseboards, power outlets, light switches and
Lamps for installation.
The flashing candle flame indicates the intrusion or loss of air.
Head to the hardware store or home improvement center and pick up a tube of caulking and weather stripping rolls to fix the worst criminals.
You can also purchase pre-
Cut foam washers for mounting under cover of all power outlets and electric light switches.
Get your insulation ready
Proper insulation must be installed
Prepare for seasonal changes.
In your attic is the most logical and easy to get.
For most lofts, Energy Star recommends insulation of around 10 to 14 inch. Make sure R-
The value of the insulation is sufficient for your country region. The R-
Value refers to the ability of insulation to resist heat flow. Higher R-
Value represents a higher level of performance--
A cold climate requires a higher R-Value.
A quick way to see if your loft has the right insulation is to look between exposed floor beams.
If you can see the top of the pallet, you should add more insulation.
If the insulation is high enough to obscure the top of the beam, then you are insulated enough. Rafter Vents -
Install or uncover the existing rafter vent before laying additional insulation on the attic floor.
The Rafter vent or insulation baffle allows air to enter the attic through the vent and discharge through the ridge vent.
The Rafter vent should be located where the attic ceiling meets the attic floor. Attic Fans -
In hot weather, the attic fan is used to attract hot air to the outside, thus keeping the attic and the home cool.
In order for the attic fan to operate at the highest efficiency, seal any leakage from the attic to the House and clear the clogged soffit, rafter and ridge vents of any obstacle.
There are two main options for attic fans.
One is mounted on the roof and the other can be mounted on the mountain wall.
Check with the manufacturer to determine how much ventilation is required in the attic.
You can hire a professional to install a loft fan or you can handle the job yourself as long as you are confident to handle the roof
Related projects.
Check and replace air filters regularly check HVAC air filters.
Dirty filters will make your air conditioner or stove work harder to cool and heat your home.
The monthly operation will cost more money.
Unattended, clogged and dirty air filters can lead to potential hazards and more expensive repairs.
They can cause health-related problems to your family, lead to expensive service calls, and in extreme cases can pose a fire risk.
Find out which size air filter you need and buy at least four.
Change the filter every three months so your family and HVAC system can breathe easily.
Installing a programmable thermostat is another relatively easy trick to get you on your way to the year --
Energy efficiency.
If you have a manual thermostat in your home, you lose money every month.
Replacing a manual thermostat with a digital programmable version can save about $200 a year on energy costs.
The price of the basic digital programmable thermostat ranges from $25 to $30 and is easily available at the home improvement center.
Your new thermostat will provide accurate temperature readings and will allow you to program the temperature automatically when you are out and at home.
The Energy Department says water heaters operate at 25% of your overall energy costs.
Wrapping your water heater with an insulating blanket will prevent expensive heat leakage.
How do you know you need one?
If the surface of your water heater feels hot, you will lose heat and money.
Buy vinyl-
Glass fiber water heater blanket under $30.
This is just another easy way to reduce energy costs.
Finally, don\'t forget to change the direction of the ceiling fan according to the time of the year.
This little tip will help you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter for less money.
During the summer months, your ceiling fan blades should turn counter-clockwise and move the air down to you.
In cold weather, reverse the direction of the blade by flipping the switch on the fan motor.
Operate the fan at the lowest settings.
It pulls up the cool air and forces the warm air near the ceiling back to the room.
Routine HVAC maintenance plans to make an appointment for HVAC system maintenance at least twice a year.
And service access in spring and fall could cost $100
150 of routine preventive maintenance per year will help avoid expensive repairs.
Regular maintenance of HVAC systems will enable them to operate efficiently and safely throughout the yearround.
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