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crystal chandeliers - how clean is yours?

by:Grade     2020-08-10
Do you have a cleaning plan for your house?
How many times a year have you cleaned carpets or tiles?
Do you have professional cleaning for those splendid curtains?
Well, you need to remember to put another item on the cleaning list, your chandelier.
Crystal chandeliers are as easy to collect dust as other furniture and they need proper care to keep them shiny.
Like everything else in the House, the chandeliers collect dirt and dust.
Think about your fireplace set or other furniture and leave if you haven\'t cleaned the dust for a month and a month.
This is going to be a mess.
Well, your chandelier needs the same attention as other furniture.
The first thing you should do is prevent dust removal.
When you clean the rest of the house, you should use a feather duster on the chandelier.
If you have a chandelier installed on the arched ceiling, you may need to give the Shan a long extension in order to complete the work.
If you are cleaning the whole house, you may want to clean this part first, so when you vacuum or MOP, The Dust That Falls on the ground will be picked up.
When dust is removed, take a moment to make sure that each crystal component is removed from the dust.
The better this does in terms of dust removal, the easier it is for these pieces to clean on the road.
In the end, dust removal is not enough.
Your chandelier needs real cleaning.
It is recommended to clean the chandelier every three to six months, but this is actually more dependent on the location of the chandelier than the calendar month.
For example, if the chandelier is in a room that is rarely used and is a decoration that you often dust, it can be cleaned every six months or so.
In the meantime, if you have a chandelier on the kitchen table, you may need to wash it every two to three months, because it will collect more common grease and other food and dust particles in the kitchen space.
Another issue to consider when deciding how often to clean the chandelier is the size.
If the chandelier in your home is too big to reach, you may push the numbers a little and call the professional to clean it once a year. For do-it-
Many people use hot soapy water to clean the chandelier.
It is recommended to use mild soap, such as dish soap, to ensure that it has no adverse effects on the metal components that make up the chandelier frame.
Not all metals react well to the chemicals in strong soap.
There are two ways to clean this time.
If the chandelier is not too inconvenient, you may want to do the cleaning work by standing on a chair or ladder.
Just make sure you don\'t get too complacent about getting off the ground while you\'re cleaning.
If you don\'t want to risk falling off, or have a dirtier chandelier, you can also remove the crystal shards and take them to a level where you prefer to work with them.
Be sure to use the cleaning fluid and then check each piece of crystal with a clean white cotton cloth rag.
If the metal is dirty, wipe it quickly.
If you have a metal that can use a good polish then it will be time to apply it.
Just make sure to keep polishing on metal and crystal.
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