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crystal chandeliers - simple cleaning and repair tips

by:Grade     2020-08-10
No one dares to challenge the ability of the crystal chandelier to illuminate and beautify any space in the house.
However, although these decorations are stylish and gorgeous, maintenance and occasional repairs are still needed.
You can only imagine how much dirt will pile up for a month, or a year.
If you don\'t do anything about dirt, it\'s as good as saying \"good --
Chandelier elegant sparks goodbye.
In addition, it is a complete waste of money to simply let its light disappear.
In order to stay shiny, tipscryock chandeliers that need to be cleaned or cleaned regularly and quickly.
Quick cleaning is usually enough to get the job done.
People who don\'t have much extra time on their hands may choose this cleaning method as it doesn\'t necessarily involve removing or removing the chandelier from the ceiling.
First, put down the towel, newspaper or rag under the crystal chandelier.
Keep in mind that cleaning the crystal chandelier is not necessarily messy.
So you need to try to protect the floor from dirt and not get wet with water or detergent.
It\'s a good idea to invest in a feather duster with a long handle.
You can definitely use this to remove all the dirt from the crystal chandelier.
After that, spray a lot of glass cleaner on the crystal.
In fact, you can shower the chandelier with cleaning fluid if you want.
Next, wait until all the liquid flows down.
After that, the crystal chandelier is expected to regain its original light and shine.
Fix the TipsIn case quickly you face the dilemma of patching the broken arm of the crystal chandelier, then these practical tips will definitely come in handy.
First of all, you need to prepare all the necessary materials to repair the shrinking crystal chandelier, such as the needle nose clamp, the metal wire, the 4x4 in the process foam and the instant glass glue. 1)
Place the crystal chandelier on a stable and flat surface.
Using a complete chandelier arm, cut the foam block to fit the shape of the broken arm. 2)
Place the broken arm on the foam block to determine if it fits very well with the bottom of the chandelier.
Ensure perfect meeting of broken ends;
Otherwise, you must make the necessary adjustments. 3)
Determine if more support is needed for the broken arm and take action on this. 4)
Use the wires on the top or other arms of the chandelier to support the broken arm.
If additional wires are required, try to use the minimum number.
This is mainly due to the fact that once the glue is applied with a primer, it will be installed immediately and it will only take too long to use too many wires. 5)
Before applying glue, loosen any wires fixed on the base of the chandelier.
About half of the sliding foam block
A few inches from the broken place. 6)
Rub the glue on the broken edge.
Relocate the block to connect the two edges.
When the wire is still dry, wrap the wire with pliers to secure the arm. 7)
Wait a whole day before handling the broken arm so the glue has enough time to dry completely.
Repeat the steps to fix other damaged crystal chandeliers in your home.
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