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\'cube\' extension creates additional space for n.d.g. family

by:Grade     2020-01-01
Julie Trudel, her husband Jason McRae and sister, 2006in-
The law is looking for a building that they can eventually transform into two family homes.
They found this thing.
A 1938-square-meter duplex in Monkland Village in Nott, wrapped in bricks and ystoneDame-de-
The purchase price of $330,000 fell to the budget of $350,000.
Interior designer Trudel recalls that even a decade ago, the cost of housing in this popular neighborhood was already high.
When they bought the building, a price war was in full swing.
Although the duplex seems cheap by today\'s standards, it requires a lot of TLC.
\"It\'s a beauty when we buy it,\" says Trudel . \". “It had floor-to-
Ceiling wallpaper, shag carpet and molded covered with thick painta total fixer-upper.
There was an old 1967 Citroen in the garage and the floor was rusty!
It took a few years to find someone to drag it out.
\"In the next few years, new owners are starting to work --
Dig the foundation, create a livable basement space, renovate the bathroom, repaint the paint, and basically make the shape of the two houses.
\"We put a grease on our elbows. We’re all do-it-
You yourself and the people who do business, I have a good connection with the work that we can\'t do ourselves.
\"The most ambitious transformation of Trudel and MacRae was carried out in the fall of 2014.
They added 500. square-
Walk the \"cube\" on their half duplex apartment and give them a total of 1,800 square feet of living area.
The expansion involved an investment of about $150,000.
They also added several decks this spring to allow them to enjoy fresh air on the roof and outside.
After their second daughter was born, the idea of adding more space came to Trudeland MacRae. (
They have two little girls. )
At the time, the baby\'s crib was locked up in the restaurant.
They don\'t want to move into a bigger house.
House prices in monkeland village have even risen.
New parents love their family.
Friendly nearby
Adding to their home by creating extra space vertically rather than horizontally seems to be the ideal solution.
\"When we buy the house, you walk into the living room, the dining room and the kitchen, and then into the two bedrooms at the back.
The living room is still there, but we transformed the kitchen into a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom inside, walking-
In the wardrobe and laundry area.
Both girls now have their own bedroom and bathroom.
The house has two bathrooms and a dressing room)
There is also a play area where they can play with friends.
Living area-
Kitchen, restaurant and family office-
Has moved upstairs and is enclosed in the cube extension area.
Adding such a unique building to a beautiful old brick house and greystone building is not without challenge.
\"It takes a long time to get a building permit from the city, but I have gone through the planning process with a lot of clients and I know what will happen,\" explains Trudel . \".
\"What makes us a little excited is that we are a little\" pioneer \"in the design \".
A cube is out of standard!
\"The regulations stipulate that the superstructure cannot exceed 40 square feet of the existing floor plan and we are able to comply with that.
I drafted the plan and found a contractor and although I was able to do what needed to be done in a regulated way, we got the help of the engineer and we got the help of the engineer
The whole thing was picked out from the two exterior walls and he figured out how to do it.
\"The inside of the cube shows Trudel\'s talent as an interior designer.
Her taste is excellent.
Like her husband, she pointed it out soon)
This is evident in the color and material she chose for the open kitchen/dining area.
The walls of the kitchen are white with teal (
Trudel\'s favorite color)
, The countertop is quartz rock, and one of the walls of the restaurant is royal blue, bringing a fresh, modern look to the area.
A few of the attic-
The kitchen is decorated with chandeliers.
Throughout the expansion, the floors were carefully designed Oak floors
Textured wood with eco
Friendly refueling is over.
\"I am very interested in colors and textures and I find that wood is very practical even in the kitchen.
It is softer, warmer and more tolerant than ceramic.
If you drop something, it will bounce and not break.
The couple are fans of mid.
Century furniture, as an elegant, timeless style, provides warmth for what could otherwise be a clinical space.
Some furniture, such as teak tables and chairs, was bought from antique shops.
Others were inherited from the MacRae family.
\"I really don\'t feel comfortable in those very cold, clinical, modern spaces.
The idea is to have an open family space, but at the same time create a compromise transition that mixes modern/traditional feelings --
Home and comfort, a little touch in the middle of thiscentury-ness.
Part of it is comfortable, part is to want the cube to feel airy and spacious and show our furniture in the best light.
\"The Cube extension was interrupted by windows and glass in the kitchen --
The door leads to one of the three decks.
Downstairs, Trudeland MacRae is also able to bring more light.
The main bedroom window was once facing the brick wall of the next building.
The window was moved and now looks out through the green.
\"You are only allowed to use a certain number of glass windows when facing your neighbors --
I think it\'s because of the fire regulations.
So we can\'t add another window.
In order to install a new window on the side of cube add, we had to move the existing window.
However, it works well because now we have more sunshine in our bedroom.
When all the construction is going on
For three and a half months.
The couple moved into the basement of the other half of the duplex apartment and Trudeladmits admitted that she understood this very well insidelaws (
Although the couple got along well with their children.
\"It was impossible for us to live in our place when decorating.
Our home was completely destroyed!
You always say to yourself, \'Oh my God.
It\'s so bad they can\'t put it together anymore.
But I try not to panic.
After all, I have experienced many such things with some of my own clients.
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