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customising bedrooms just for kids

by:Grade     2020-03-26
In the past, providing furniture to children\'s rooms was no more important than letting young occupants have their own single or double rooms.
Decker beds with standard drawers, study tables and chairs, and bookshelves.
Vanity is a luxury.
As long as it is a functional small space, aesthetics such as theme, color scheme and supporting furnishings rank behind in home improvement scheme.
All decisions are made by parents.
Fast forward to today, the new generation of picky parents is not only keen on setting up their children\'s rooms comfortably, but also attractive-the opinionated little parents have clear opinions.
Furniture makers and interior decorators quickly took advantage of the changing lifestyles, tastes and needs of modern parents, especially those who are willing to spend money on the coolest things for their children.
Senior interior designer ki Teoh, who specializes in children\'s bedrooms, knows what she\'s saying when she makes this suggestion: \"Parents, listen to your child.
\"She urged parents not to exclude their children from the furniture when they go --
Find something to be a shelter for the children themselves.
Teoh from Selangor Basheng Jashen interior design usually starts by talking to young customers.
\"They know what they want, even young people who are five years old.
What they like is very important.
After all, they will occupy the room.
So I will find out their favorite colors and interests first.
Depending on their age, I might also ask if they want to add cartoon patterns or certain designs to the plan, \"she explains.
Jason Chong, interior designer at Swedish furniture giant Ikea, whose Malaysian branch is located in Mutiara Damansara, Selangor Petaling Jaya, said that most customers do not have any clues when decorating their children\'s rooms.
\"At Ikea, they can check the display desk in the children\'s area to learn about creativity,\" he said . \".
The first thing to pay attention to is color preference.
Nowadays, boys like blue and green, even orange and yellow, while girls traditionally like pink, yellow and purple.
In places where bold colors like orange and red dominate, mixing colors adds light color, Teoh says.
Problems may occur when two or more children share the room.
\"Then, I will have to make a good balance in integrating their likes and dislikes,\" she said . \".
With young children at home, safety is undoubtedly the top priority.
The designer\'s reminder is that the furniture should not have sharp edges but round edges.
Yijia has a series of furniture, which is characterized by the door with a soft closing mechanism called the wind door.
This helps prevent small fingers from being caught, as the door is not closed, noted Chong.
Although Malaysians are practical, many parents will ask for designs that are suitable for their children\'s growth, even those in their teens.
\"White is a good color because you can change bedding at any time, or change wallpaper for those who can afford it to suit the changing tastes of the child,\" Teoh opines.
At Ikea, when babies grow up, such as three years old, there are height-adjustable cribs and removable sides, says Chong.
There are also beds that can be extended;
There are three adjustable lengths in one Ikea series.
Teoh said that given the target client, she would generally recommend something that needs to be easily maintained, such as laminate flooring.
\"Young children tend to write on the surface.
With lamination it can be cleaned and it is scratch-
She shared.
Of course, lighting is another important aspect of interior design.
For this Teoh, the room is divided into three areas: the lighting of the study area will be brighter, the wardrobe or storage area will be less, the bed is the most dim place for lighting naturally, making it conducive to sleep.
She uses downlights to eliminate the need for the brightness of the desk lamp and LED lighting.
Where possible, use natural lighting and ventilation, so the location of the window is important in the development of an internal design.
For children between the ages of 5 and 10, she will combine learning with play because young children tend to have more play activities.
At present, there is a trend in Japan --
Efficient choice.
\"The mattress is placed on the platform.
\"It also gives the children a sense of freedom,\" she added . \".
Another popular item is the \"Car Bed \"(
Yes, the shape after the car)
For the boys, they will be on the extra v-room!
\\ Bed frame, Chong notes and wardrobe and storage are the first choice for parents.
Many people start with the theme and pop culture determines their choice, says Teoh.
Girls may like Mickey or Minnie Mouse theme when others are crazy about superheroes.
\"The challenge is to blend these elements together to make the kids wow.
\"When his love of music was reflected in his room design, there was a boy who was very shocked,\" Teoh laughed . \".
Her last tip to parents is: go around before you meet anything.
To please the inhabitants of the Basheng Valley (
Maybe even beyond)
Whenever they purchase furniture, the name that comes to mind is likely Ikea.
Why not, because this global brand has a wide range and is suitable for almost all budgets and styles.
The children\'s furniture here is the most extensive and interesting.
What about other options?
Look at these: Snoozelandsnoozeland. com.
MyThe company began exporting furniture in 2000 and launched a children\'s range for overseas markets in 2005.
In last May, it opened a store in the north and joined the local retail industry --
The South Highway near double Gai Besi, Kuala Lumpur.
Although its design and manufacture are all done locally, its children\'s series is very stylish in American design.
Therefore, White is the main color.
According to Jonathan Lin, the company\'s director, some Malaysians also offer other color options due to resistance to white.
\"One of the reasons our customers cite is that White will turn yellow during use.
This is because the furniture is probably made of pine wood, and the oil in the wood penetrates in and gets the furniture dirty.
\"But we are using plantation wood such as rubber wood and other tropical hard wood so that this will not happen,\" he said . \".
Its items can be purchased as a set or separately.
Bed frame from RM499 to RM1, 299 (
Mattresses sold separately).
The drawer starts with rm800.
The child\'s range target is four to sixteen years old.
For those who are really young, there are guardrails.
They also have stores in Seri Kembangan and Setapak of KL in Selangor.
Small World furnituremalaysia. comThis family-
Five years later, the run company, which was founded in 2002, began the collection of children.
Its furniture was designed in China, Hong Kong and South Korea, with a limited number.
There are two lines below the collection.
The high-end series features classic and complex designs;
Its beds range from 9 to 20.
The second line is colored and the cost is 5 thousand yuan.
Each set includes a bed frame and a study table (
Attached book case)
Tables and chairs.
Most of its customers choose suits, not individual ones.
Baby cots are available.
They also have a wide variety of lathes for about Rs 700.
Target market is four. to 16-year-olds.
In addition to the main export of Lao Ba Sheng Road in Kuala Lumpur, its products can be in one-
Stop at Viva home, Cheras and Sungai Besi, KL\'s home decor mall.
Furniture for youth lifecom. my (
At the end of last year, the company opened a major branch in Damas Plaza 3 in Sri Hamas, Kuala Lumpur, and is the only licensed party to Disney home furniture in Malaysia.
Although Disney is synonymous with famous cartoon characters, it not only caters to the young tots, but also caters to the fourto-16 age group.
The brand does have products that appeal to older children, such as teenagers and teenagers.
But, parents, prepare very colorful statements on the item such as Mickey and Minnie, Little Mermaid, Winnie the Pooh.
There are also newer characters, such as characters in Disney\'s animated film Cars, which are perfect for car beds, although they are not cheap, about RM2, 000 each;
Some of these single beds have pull bedsThe bed was outside too.
A set of four items, including bed rack, wardrobe, desk and bedside table, for a price of about 4 thousand yuan.
The price of the bookcase is between RM890 and RM1, 260;
Desk of RM780;
And drawers, rm950.
There are 16 sets to choose from.
Viva Home also offers products.
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