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decor inspired by a northern calfornia weekend trip

by:Grade     2020-05-02
Picture: Marcia Apprentice/Light)
I went to Northern California at the last minute a few weekends ago.
Although I have been to San Francisco before, I have forgotten how different the climate and landscape are compared to Northern California and Southern California.
The gray sky usually makes me very sad, but in San Francisco it makes me refreshed and inspires me to revisit the coastal decorations. (
Picture: Marcia Apprentice/Light)
Usually, when I imagine a coastal look, I think of bright blue glass desk lamps and white decorations.
Highlights of Northern California landscape--
Shades of gray sky and Brown (
There are more ancient trees and natural wildlife in the northern part of the state)
Let me look at the beautification of natural tones. (
Picture: Marcia Apprentice/Light)
Gray doesn\'t have to upset you.
It can be a soft color that evokes a feeling of relaxation.
It also looks great in the room with bright white walls.
The shades of brown reminded me of the natural landscape and linked the interior decoration to external inspiration.
Inspired by the natural beauty, it also means choosing home decor with textures.
A woven felt pillow is calling me the name of the coastal bedroom.
There is also an Arteriors table lamp on my wish list that is woven with patchwork.
How does summer vacation inspire the decoration style of your own home? (
Picture: Light Plus)(
Top row: Thatcher woven linen felt pillow, natural wooden candle holder with small hex nut)(
Bottom row: weather anchor sailing desk lamp, Arteriors Home Tully patchwork porcelain desk lamp)
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