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decorating advice : salmon paint really puts room in the pink

by:Grade     2020-06-02
Q: We recently moved into the colonial house.
I want to decorate the restaurant.
Room area and changing the color of the wall of the living room, but I have very little budget.
The chair railing of the restaurant is covered with butter cream, half of the walls are covered with a small
Zoom in blue, gray and white wallpaper.
There is a bay window, and the curtains are coordinated with the wallpaper.
The floors are dark hardwood floors.
The walls of the living room are covered with butter cream and the decoration and ceiling are white.
The floors are dark hardwood floors.
There is a floating window with a balloon tone on it made of soft green, melon, blue and golden flowers on butter
Cream background.
I have a couch and a loving seat.
The gray lines are very thin white.
I want a warmer color of the wall.
I also need to buy a chair for the club. MRS. B.
A: Thank you for the sample attached.
The paper in your restaurant is very consistent with the color in your life --room chintz.
I will paint the walls of the living room in full-bodied salmon color and keep it white.
If you have a good painter, ask him or her to put a light glaze on the color.
For comfortable chairs you plan to purchase, please choose butter-
Creamy, white and rich salmon stripes.
The interior of the club chair should be brighter than the gray and beige samples you sent me.
Q: I had Karastan shag carpet in my living/dining area a few years ago.
It\'s called the Golden Apricot. it\'s beautiful.
It does not require constant vacuuming and does not display dust or traffic areas.
Sadly, I did have to change it, and I couldn\'t find a carpet shop that handles shag, despite years of passing.
Have they stopped producing?
Shirley Devonia: my office did some research and found that there was no major factory to reproduce the shag carpet.
A carpet dealer explained that shag had stopped production due to lack of demand.
But don\'t be afraid, just as everything may come back.
Maybe you and some other shag enthusiasts can write to Karastan and tell the company that you want to see shag in the store. You never know--
Maybe you will be responsible for the return of shag.
Q: What is the height on the list of first choice for decoration in 1992? B.
Anyway, Pine.
This means that stylish homes and businesses are installing pine flooring, pine paneling, Pine blinds, pine wall panels and pine beams to make the surroundings look fresh and modern.
Pine trees can be new or old, washed or weathered, difficult or polished.
The Architectural Digest shows a variety of ways pine trees are used across the country: East, Midwest and far west.
Beautiful used pine trees can be found in antique centers and demolition houses.
You may find a decorative cornice in your foyer, or you may find a nice wardrobe that can be redesigned to use as a family bar or TV cabinet.
I found some lovely pine trees used in decorating the country living room in Ireland.
When I designed my own house a few years ago, I found the old pine board in New England, and I used it as a floor.
Light pine looks best suited to dark walls such as Hunter green, burgundy red, chocolate brown, navy blue and charcoal gray.
At the moment, I\'m using deep-
Charcoal wall, lipstick
Red Blinds and charcoal, white and black carpet.
The ceiling will be a vivid shade of red.
It\'s time for pine trees.
There will be an antique pine cedar bed with charcoal quilting sheets in the room.
The quilting stitching is made of bright red and provides a perfect accent.
Bright copper-gold mats also highlight this distribution.
Additional Sparks will be provided for copper lamps and door hardware.
I also used pine trees on chair track styling and blinds.
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